Saturday, December 12, 2009

Agnes, a cold day

Hi, Gang! It is Agnes here, Mogley is letting me tell you about my great adventure today. Mogley said if he told you, you would not believe it all. So here goes.

It has been warm in Denver for the last few days, even the ice on the Koi pond and pool thawed enough to let the water splash. During the 1/2 time of the football game they let Mogley, Bella and I out to stretch our legs and enjoy the sun in the back yard.

A few minutes later they heard Mogley barking at the back door. They looked and could not find me. Then my head popped up, it was visible above the edge of the Koi pond. I had climbed in to check out the ice, but the ice was too thin. I fell in and once I was in the Koi pond, my weak hind legs could not push me up and out of the pond, I could only get 1/2 of me out of the water. They came running out and grabbed me and pulled me out.

That was one of the most frightening adventures I have had, it was very scarey when I was in the pond, I could not push myself out with my weak hips, all I could do is stand on my hind legs with my front legs over the edge with my head up, the water was very cold and I was shivering badly. The Koi pond is about 30 inches deep where I fell in and the ice kept me from walking up to the shallow end and getting out on my own.

The good part is when I was dried off. I got lots of towels and even a brief visit with the hair dryer. I stopped shivering pretty quickly and began enjoying it. Then they wrapped me in several blankets, to help me dry and to keep me warm. They stretched out on the floor with me to make sure I was warm. I was given high energy treats to help me get back my energy. I had more attention that i can ever remember getting in one day.

The top photo shows me all wrapped all toasty warm in a blanket. Below, I am getting dried with towlels.

That is my big adventure. I warned Mogley about the soft ice, he has been running on the ice that is on top of the swimming pool cover. He says the water is shallow on the pool cover. It may be shallow, but it sure is cold. ; I want to thank Mogley for barking and calling help for me, otherwise I could have been in the cold water for the whole 1/2 time of the football game before they would call us in again.
I still need a Forever Home, so if you can find me one for Christmas, I would love it.
Thank you,
Agnes G. Retriever


  1. Agnes, we are so very thankful rhat you are okay!! Next time, I'm sure you'll stay inside and watch the half-time show, rather than being part of one!! Stay safe & warm!!!

  2. You poor baby! I'm glad you are all right! I hope everyone thanked Mogley for letting your peoples know where you were!

    Next time you go near the water, take Lassie with you. He could always tell the peoples what was going on! :)

  3. Oh Agnes!

    Please don't skhare us like that!

    Grab a chair and snoooooze!

    If woo were khloser, I'd snag woo and give woo to Khousin Merdie fur khristmas!


  4. Oh Agnes, that is such a sad story! You look so cute wrapped in your blankets I could cry. We send you kisses on your sweet face.

  5. Agnes, I am also a white face senior and I have also hip problems, so I relate. My momie has to help me get up sometimes. I hope you will find a forever home soon. I have 2 furriken brothers and 1 sister. They help me a lot.

  6. Now that is one heck of a scare. Stay off the ice and spare our hearts! :)

  7. Agnes SO glad that you are OK! Remember that the Broncos Half time show has been better than the game lately, So stay inside and enjoy the munchies .... and Mogley, you are a hero! You deserve some refrigerator left overs.
    Molly Freddie and Frankie

  8. Agnes, be careful. You can't trust ice ever to walk on. Are the koi still in there? You might have snacked while waiting. We are glad you are safe and warm now. Good job Mogley!

    love & wags,

  9. A typical mischievious adventure for a Golden in exploration. She must have relished the attention and care she received in her furever home. God Bless Agnes.
    - TBH&K