Friday, December 18, 2009

A Blogging Dog

Some people still do not believe that I can blog by myself. Just because we can't pronounce many of the words you bi-peds use does not mean we don't understand them. Just tell your dog to "sit" or "come" and notice that he understands. If you had a bi-ped visitor who was deaf and dumb, would you make them "sit" or "speak" in order to get a cup of tea or a toasted cheese sandwich? You understand the fundamentals of sign language, but you don't understand the fundamentals of using technology to better communicate with your canine friends. We don't make fun of you because you can only walk on two legs, why do you make fun of us because we don't enunciate clearly? You don't even have a tail to help you balance yourself, but we don't criticise your ability to run or your lack of agility when you jump.

Next time you are tempted to hold a treat in the air and ask your best friend to "speak", save yourself some embarrassment, just give them the treat and your keyboard. You will get a much better reply and you will show the world you do not discriminate against your all-legged friends.

We had several new photos taken of me proof reading my blog. Notice that no humans were injured in the making of these photos. I may update my photo on the blog, the current photo was taken over two years ago when I was still a puppy and I have matured since then.
Bella and I went to the beauty salon yesterday, we came back with a "new do" on our hair. The bi-ped thought we needed something to lift our spirits. We will take new photos later today to show you how we look as we prepare for our Christmas Eve work as Santa's Reindogs.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. You look marvelous! :)

    I'm glad to see that you can use the computer too. Although it is a bit hard to use the shift key sometimes!

  2. My feelings exactly and similar to what I just posted about the other day. No pictures of me with the laptop though. I hate that camera and I run and hide when it appears.


  3. Hi Mogley;
    Sophie and I are so glad that you so techno savvy. People just don't take us Goldens seriously, just because we are the ones that have the lamp shade on our heads at parties doesn't mean we are not of the academic type.
    You keep blogging and we will keep reading.


  4. I make my person do the typing -

    Her paws are slightly better at it!


  5. Hey Mogley,
    We're behind on our commenting as usual. We have hired help to do our typing. He is proof that neither opposable thumbs nor any fingers other than the two index fingers are necessary to do a rudimentary job of typing. He probably would get fired from any secretarial pool but he is easily influenced so we keep him on the payro;l;p. We hope that you and Bella and the rest of the famil,y had a very merry and happy Christmas.
    - TBH&K