Friday, December 18, 2009

A Merry Christmas and a Golden New Year

We received an urgent e-mail today from Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, aka Rescue Central. They are currently seeking foster homes for the holidays. Many of the foster families will be traveling over the coming days and will need homes for their charges. In additon, there is a flood of new surrenders and shelter additions for us to pick up. If you can take someone for a few days or weeks, raise your paw.

Since this is what is happening at your local shelter, you don't have to be near us to volunteer, there is a shelter near you that needs your help. While you are at it, most of the animal rescue groups, including our own Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) have a convenient way to enter your credit card and make a donation on line. Click here to donate to GRRR.

Don't forget our friends at the (click to donate) Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary
They could use some help as well. They provide rescue and long term permanent homes for dogs that because of medical or behavioral problems can not be placed. That costs a lot of money, so don't forget them either. Take a moment to browse their site, they have some good links and good products. We made our resident bi-ped click on their donation link and leave some milk and cookies ($) for their Reindogs.

GRRR in Golden is working on fund raising for a long term site that they can use for rescue and as a permanent sanctuary as well. If you want to make a larger donation to the fund to establish a permanent care facility, please visit their site.

We need to mention that our respect and love for the Veterinarians and staff at the Arvada West Veterinary Hospital has gone up immensely. They are the official Golden Retriever Vet's for GRRR. We don't want teary eyes again, but these are the folks that dug out dog snacks, candies and cookies (even forbidden chocolate bars) for Agnes when they learned she had to be put down. They spoiled her rotten for her last hours, they showered her with love and snacks. Thanks so much! That is why our chauffeur drives us 40 miles across town to see them, they are the Vet's that give extra special care.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Paws khrossed fur woo!

    We wish we were khloser fur we'd help if we khould...

    And fur Agnes's Angels: THANKS!!!!!

    She's touched so many hearts - I know she's happy knowing that too!

    I bet she's following The Blogs from beyond!


  2. Bravo to the vets (and to all of you).

  3. A great vet is hard to find - and once you do, the drive is irrelevant (except in one of those dreaded emergencies

  4. It's wonderful when you find a vet willing to work with rescue and give a much needed discount for quality care & go that extra mile and show those little acts of kindness that go so far...They are the unsung heroes in rescue!