Monday, December 21, 2009

Jake G. Retriever, U. S. Air Force, Retired

Below, our Hero, Jake the Air Force Brat, takes a well deserved nap last night after coming to live with us. He makes napping look effortless. What a talent!

Jake has a special bed, It is one of the biggest and thickest beds we have seen. Jake is very attached to it, it is one of the few constants in his rapidly changing life.
Jake had a very restful first night with us. He has earned his rest, he has earned a good retirement. He is looking forward to being addressed as "Jake G. Retriever, U.S. Air Force, Retired". He is still anxious about his family, he still misses them. At night when we see him running in his sleep, we will all wonder if he is not remembering them in his dreams.
This morning we drove Jake across town to the Vet office. He has some issues with his paws, we suspect a fungus infection. His ears need cleansing and he needs a new prescription for his hips. We just received a report back from the Vet's office. His hips are good, he has a little arthritis but the joints are strong, he will get some medications for it to help him move around better. His paw had a small growth between the toes, that will cure his licking all the time. His ears were cleaned and he is ready to come back home to us. There is just one problem.
One of our long time rescue volunteer families had read about Jake and wanted to consider him for a permanent addition to their family. They are picking him up at the Vet's office. We were afraid that might happen, lots of families that are looking for a new addition to their home are patient, they will foster while they wait for the right Golden to come along. In this case there were several foster families that wanted to meet him, Jake is as close to perfect as you will ever find. We had taken his bed, his leash, bowls, etc., with us to the Vet's office just in case, we did not want him to lose his bed and the things he is familiar with.
We hate to lose him, but re-homing him quickly will help him settle in better. If he stays with us, he will settle in and then be uprooted again to move to a forever home. This way he has to settle in just once. Since we know the family through rescue activities, we will post more information on Jake's Journey soon.
Below, Jake and I get aquainted last night in the back yard just as the sun sets.

We hope to follow Jake and post updates on this blog.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. We so hope your forever home works out Jake. You deserve it.

  2. Well, that just makes me happy and sad at the same time. But I think it's great that he may have found a new home!

  3. His face is irresistible - so happy he might have a hope already :)

  4. How sad they had to leave him behind but it does sound like the best choice. And his new home is experienced so he should have a wonderful life, esp. with that great bed!

    love & wags,

  5. What a bittersweet post!

    We so understand the Khatch 22 of it all -

    Here's to a GReat furever life fur him!


  6. We will keep our paws crossed that things go well for this sweet old boy!

    Good luck!

    Sam and Cisco

  7. How bittersweet but we know this is best for Jake and that if this works out as his forever home what a great Christmas gift that would be.
    You guys are just so wonderful with all that you do to assist these Goldens to find love & happiness.
    Mogley , we wish we could meet you in person.

    Hamish & Sophie