Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome Agnes

Above, Agnes checks out the back yard soon after arriving to stay with us. She is standing on the edge of the Koi pond debating whether it is too cold for a swim. The human convinced her it was too cold to swim and the ice was too thin to walk on.

Today Agnes came to stay with us as our foster sister while the rescue looks for a new home for her. It has been cold and we are forced to stay inside most of the day, or freeze our tails off. A new friend will help us enjoy the indoors and keep us from boredom.

Agnes is a 10 year old lady, just exactly who you would expect from someone named Agnes. She is freshly groomed looking good. She says her coat was so matted that her skin hurt and it even hurt when someone tried to pet her. She wanted attention, but when someone gave her some petting, her skin hurt. Now she is feeling much better. She is attention deprived, she follows hands around looking for one to stop over her head, even if only for a moment.

She has some pain in her hips, she is getting a pain pill for it, this gives her better mobility. She does have trouble getting up in the big SUV, but I have to run and jump to get in, so her trouble getting that high up is understandable. She gets the front end all the way up into the SUV, but she needs help getting traction with her hips. Just a little boost is all she needs.
She has lived in a home for a long time, she knows all about humans, other dogs and cats. She ignores the cats as they walk in front of her. She also goes potty every time she goes outside, even if it is the fourth time in an hour that we have gone out. its a good sign according to the humans, it means she is well house broken.

She received treatment for Heart Worm. She says it will take a few days before she is feeling her perky self after that, but she says she is regaining her energy quickly. She is on a weight management diet, she wants to lose some weight so that she can look good as she looks for her new home.

She came to GRRR from a shelter, she had been picked up as a stray. Probably an "on purpose" stray since she had no collar or tags. In spite of that she speaks well of her former owners. But all of our foster friends speak well of their former humans, no matter how they were treated. Loyalty, forgiveness and unconditional love are our hallmarks, we forgive and move on, our lives are too short to carry anything but love with us as we go.
When we heard about her untreated heart worm and her terrible coat, we knew she had not been groomed or bathed for a very long time. We were disappointed that they did not take better care of her, so we will be picky about her next home.

Her goal is to find a her new home before Christmas. She says she can just picture herself under some one's tree, helping to unwrap packages and lending a calm and reassuring head for petting during this stressful time. She reminds us that most humans are stressed during this time of the year and petting a dog is a very good way to relax. She is a lot cheaper than a psychologist and not as damaging to your health as pills are. So if you need a calming influence in your life, think Agnes.

We will be asking for your help to find her a new home as soon as we can get her posted on the Internet.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Ahhhh!

    Merdie and I soooo hope she finds the proper furever people fur her -

    She's khwite a looker!


  2. It just breaks my heart to hear about a dog who is so mistreated that it hurts to pet them. I don't know why anyone would allow that to happen.

    Thank you for helping her remember what it is like to be happy!

  3. So glad to know that she never has to worry again about being neglected during her "golden oldie" years.
    Thanks for making that happen for Agnes.

  4. Hooray for GRRR and Mogley -- I know there was concern when she arrived at GRRR about whether she would make it. I'm SO glad she is with Mogley, Bella & Co. She probably thinks she is in heaven. She is beautiful and deserves the best! Can't wait to hear she has found her forever home!

    Hugs and Tailwags,
    Riley, River and Sunny the Foster Dog

  5. What a sweet beautiful face!! It's wonderful that she has found her way to rescue and your home! I love the senior Goldens, which is why after 10 years of fostering, they are now the only ones I take...I will never understand how people cannot realize what treasures they are.

  6. Agnes has a beautiful soft face. It is so sad that it even hurt her to have someone want to pet her. Hope she finds a loving home soon.
    Paws crossed
    Ernie & Sasha

  7. Ohhhhhhhhh, she is so beautiful! How could anyone neglect such a sweetie? I'll never understand how some people can sleep at night.

  8. That seems to be the forgiving nature of us dogs. Our loyalty overcomes our rationality and we think that our "owner" are treating us the way we should be treated whether or not they really are. Agnes will enjoy her time with y'all. Thank you so very much for being there to make Agnes' "golden" time the best of her life. The halo over her head is brightly shining.
    - TBH&K