Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Mumbling

For the Siberians and other snow loving dogs, I wanted to show you photos of me playing in the fresh snow.  Cross your paws and hope that you too will have some more snow before spring arrives.   We sent this storm East so you should get it in a day or two.

Over the weekend I developed a swollen right upper lip that sags a lot.  I made a trip to the emergency vet since our regular vet was closed.  The emergency vet has good snacks, but not great snacks.  Oh, and they told me that I probably got bitten by a spider when I was napping in the sunny glass front porch with all the plants.   I ended up getting some pills which is helping to bring the swelling down.  If the treats had been better I would have bothered the spider again.  As it is, I guess they will close off the sun room and spray it, so we will have to nap some place else for a while. 

Angel is still here, she is quite a fetcher.  She can fetch tennis balls with the best of them.  She will add this to her resume. 

Aspen has only a few days left and her family will be back to get her.  She has stopped napping on the main floor with the rest of us, she goes up to the bedroom to nap on the big beds.  She does like her comfort, she takes napping seriously. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Sorry to hear about the spider Mogley! Keep icing that lip!

  2. Is that a snow covered pinecone??? I love playing in the snow also, it's probably going to be melting soon!! You know what that means....mud!!!! BOL!!!

  3. Hi Mogley;
    Sorry to hear about your spider bite, we hope the meds will take care of it in short order.
    Glad to know that you got some more snow, but we are kind of snowed out here near Chicago, we are counting the days till the grass turns green.
    Keep throwing those balls for Angel.

    Hamish & Sophie

  4. Merdie and I will be sure to look fur it!

    It might be too warm by the time it arrives but it IS the thought that khounts!

    Sorry 'bout the spidey bitey -

    I'm still savouring my remaining - *SIGH* - snow!

    Great addition to Angel's resume!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  5. We had Monday yawning, so we understand. Sorry about the lip!

  6. Mogley, it appears that you do a really good job getting the snow clumps on all parts of you. You have raised the bar and I need to work on my snow angel techniques! So sorry to hear of the spider bite and sub-par treats at the emergency vet :(

  7. This is the second spider bite victim I've read about! Do be careful, dear Mogley!


  8. Trips to the er aren't high on my to do list - happy to hear you are recoverin' nicely. Ms. Aspen is a beautiful girl - very nice of you to have her for a visit. I am sure she feels welcome.