Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Our cousins have a new foster golden, Nala.   We have no information on Nala yet, we have not even found out how old she is, but she is probably in the 8-10 year range.   She has the most luxurious coat, she is like petting a cashmere sweater.   She is very well behaved, as only an older Golden can be, many years living with humans teaches them to be very attune to their home and surroundings.  
Above, Nala helps in the kitchen showing her domestic side.

We think she may be deaf or mostly deaf.  She does not respond to any sounds, she barks with the pack when the pack barks, but probably from picking up on the excitement and the vibrations.  She ignores voices and sounds.   Clapping hands behind her head brings no response.   At least we should not worry about thunder fear.   She came to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies as a heartworm positive lady.   She has been treated and is showing no long term effects from her treatment.   In Colorado we did not worry about heart-worm in the past.   But now we see more and more of it.   Bella, Abby and I are all on heart worm meds, we get our pills once a month with our treats. 

We are keeping her under watch so that we can write up her background and behaviour for the adoption web site.   She is very energetic and she keeps up with all of us.  So far we know that she is a lover, she would love to be a lap dog.  She climbed on the couch between two visitors and did not want to leave.   She is housebroken, she is well socialized, getting along with other dogs and with the two resident cats.   So she passes all of the tests except coming when called.  She can't seem to hear her name or commands.    Either she does not hear, or she chooses not to hear.  She is smart, she learns by watching and observing.  We think she is pretty special and she should make someone a wonderful companion.   We should mention that while she tolerates men after a proper introduction, she likes women much better. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Oh Mogley, Nala looks great, we hope she will find a forever home real soon.
    We are sure she has a lot to offer a family.
    Our Dad always says both of us can't hear but we have "selective hearing" BOL

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  2. Thank you for introducing Nala to us, Mogley. She looks like a sweetheart. Mommy adopted out sister Lady two years ago when she was 10. Lady can't hear either, she does hear the clapping of hands right beside her though. Her sight is not very good either, so we have now 2 solar lights on our back deck steps in case Lady goers out during the dark hours. She is mommies apple of her eye, and we love her too.

    Nala, don't worry, seniors are the ones that get adopted because they are sweet and gentle. You will find your forever home soon. Trust me!

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  3. I'm starting to think I should come to CO. Nala is every bit as pretty as all of you (well, you're handsome, not pretty...but you know what I mean...)

  4. What a sweet lady! Why on earth would anyone want to give her up? I'm sure she will find her forever home quickly.


  5. What a beaWOOty!

    Her khoat is pawesome!

    As fur the khoming when khalled....

    Is there a problem?

    Maybe she's mixed with Siberian ;-)


  6. Hi Mogley
    What a beautiful lady Nala is. May her forever home come soon for such a pretty doggie.

    Extra wags & lics,
    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  7. Nala looks like a little lamb - I would love to pet her fluffy coat! We wish her the best in finding a family...