Thursday, June 24, 2010

Honey and Butter

Our two newest fosters are settling in and getting acquainted.   Honey and Butterscotch arrived last night, much to our surprise.  When the chauffeur left with Abby, we thought Abby was just going to inspect a possible Forever Home.   Not only did Abby get her Forever Home, but we have two new house guests.  Honey is a curly coated female, about 3 years old, Butter is a smooth coated female, about 2 years old.  Both are very well behaved, both are large Golden's, 65-70 pounds, both are very well trained.  Someone has invested some time in obedience classes for these two.   They are well bonded and they will be placed as a team.    We don't have their history yet, but we will share it as soon as we find out how such wonderful dogs came to be in rescue.    Below, Honey checks out the Koi pond early this morning. 
Below, Butter surveys her new world.  She wanted to take an early morning swim but when told "No", she decided against it, for the moment. 
Our impressions of them to date is that although they are a team, they are also double threat Velcro dogs.   They love people, they are always seeking attention and since there are two of them they keep both hands busy petting.   They do obey well, when told no, they freeze.   When they arrived they had choke collars on and both were coughing, apparently from being reigned in.   Golden Retriever Rescue sent us new collars, we put the break-away collars on them and had no problems walking them on a leash.   That part is a little baffling.    They may have been overstimulated in transit and been hard to control, but they are relaxed and in control this morning.   Below, Honey shows her beautiful curls. 
It can be a little confusing, Butter looks so much like Bella that there have been several cases of mistaken identify.  Below, all four of us sit for our morning treat. 

We will be asking for your help to find new homes for these two outstanding Golden's.  How they came to be in rescue may be a mystery to us, but it is no mystery that they will be wonderful additions to someones life and home.  Stay tuned for further developments!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Wow, Honey & Butter look like a fantastic pair.
    We are sure it won't take them long to find a forever home.
    I guess Bella and Butter will need a name tags,
    or one can get away with something and point their paw to the other guy....BOL

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. I hope they find a big yard and a big family with lots of hugs and hands!!

  3. OMD!

    What golden beaWOOOOOties!


  4. Hi Mogley - Butter & Honey are gorgeous Goldens! Hopefully you'll be able to assist in getting them a new home - together - soon!

    Licks & wags,
    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  5. The last picture looks like album art! What a couple of sweeties - good luck finding them a home!


  6. They are soo cute this doog

  7. Wow, all the changes in your life, Mogley, just in the few days mommies computer was off line. We are so happy about Abby finding a forever home with lots of old trees. And Honey and Butterscotch sound like a pair every dog owner dreams off. But our favorite is of course Nala. We cannot imagine anybody not wanting Nala, she sounds just like out sister Lady the senior. We just love her, and mommie calls her her blessing.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  8. If they aren't cute enough, they've got awesome names to boot! Honey and Butter - I love that :) I don't think they are going to be around long - they sound like perfect companions...