Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nala, her story

Over the weekend, our cousins had a big party at their house.  That means that Emma, Molly, Piper and Nala came over to our house to stay overnight.  This gave us time for a swim party, and more time to get acquainted with Nala.    It was a real wild dog party.  Above, I am still dripping water, Bella is trying to get the ball without getting wet.   The pool cleaners get real upset when I get wet, then I go roll in the dirt in the garden, then I come back and jump in the pool again.   Below is a photo of me covered in mud just before I jumped back in.  I think that making black clouds in the pool is fun, but the human does not share my joy. 

Below are two photos of Nala during her visit with us.  Nala  has some issues, not with us, but some issues with her prior home.  We think that Nala is 12 years old.   When she was surrendered to Golden Retriever Rescue, the owner said that she had been an outdoor dog.   When we checked her over, she was deaf, she had heart worms, most of her front teeth were missing, and her coat was pretty matted.  She also has a kidney infection.  She does not know any commands.   Her coat and teeth tell us that she was probably confined to a chain link run, with little contact with humans.   

We had a good time with her, she is such a sweet and lovable lady.   She understands dog doors, but she was hesitant to use the dog door or the big door, even when it was held open for her.  She had spent so much time outdoors that she was not used to being allowed inside.  It has taken some work to get her comfortable being inside.   She is very anxious at first, she does not know she is allowed inside.   Once she settles in, she is a happy golden.   She really does like attention, she just is not used to getting  any.   She says she will relax once her new home makes her welcome and helps her settle down. 

Once we realised she was deaf it explained why she did not come when called.   She follows the pack, if we go, she goes.   If we get excited for dinner, she gets excited for dinner.  If we go in the house, she will follow us, pausing at the door to make sure it is all right to go in.    She is learning sign language and she is smart enough and she is motivated enough to learn them.   She woke the human up three times to go outside to the bathroom, she is still working on learning about schedules.    But she did wake them up to go outside, so she really wants to be a good house dog.   She does not want to make a mess. 

If you don't work in rescue already, then you won't know what a joy it is to help a dog like Nala on her way to a much better life.   You won't know how her face lites up when you invite her inside with a wave of your hand.  You won't know what a joy it is to see her relax and settle down under a humans feet in front of the TV.   You won't know what a joy it is to give her a treat and see her perk up, treats are something new as well.  She has had a rough time with humans to date, but she is ready to forgive and forget.   She is ready to give you all of her love if you will give her a chance.   

Nala, at 12 years old will take some time before we can find her a new home, people want to adopt young dogs.   They don't understand what a huge impact they can have on the remaining years of a lady like Nala.   If anyone deserves a wonderful home, Nala does.  She has paid her dues in life, now help us find a home where she can get some of the soft side of life.   Help her learn about sleeping beside the bed, getting treats for no reason at all, taking walks, napping in front of a TV.  Help her find out what "Golden Years" really are.

Help us find a forever home for a wonderful lady. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hard for me to believe in this day and age, people still treat animals this way. Nala, I apologize for humans.

  2. Mom is here making THAT face -

    What a pawesome and beaWOOOOOOOOOOOOitful GiRl!


  3. Nala, we are so glad that you are getting a chance to learn how great humans can be.

  4. Hi Mogley
    Nala reminds me of my rescue doggie Apples - she spent 10 1/2 years outdoors - 24/7 - with little human contact. When she came home, it was such a joy to see her bloom and develop into the happy dog she is today (despite her mammary cancer). May Nala find goodness and happiness in her home with you and hopefully, with a new family in time (with, hopefully, a doggie playmate).

    Extra licks & wags from Apples,
    Greetings from Nadine & Neeli

  5. Hi Mogley;
    We are so glad that Nala has found you. She sounds like a sweet dog and with your help and that of your extended family we are sure she will find a wonderful forever home.
    It is so sad to know that she obviously spent many years with little or no attention, we just don't understand when someone has a dog but they do not allow it to be part of the family, it really makes no sense.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  6. Please give Nala some licks and sniffs for us...she's beautiful!

  7. And give everyone working with Nala some licks and sniffs too - very special people!!