Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ruby and Daisy, chapter 2 in a book of life.

My readers will recall that a very nice lady drove all the way up to Denver from Albuquerque, New Mexico just to meet Daisy, Abby and Ruby, and perhaps take one of them home forever.   To help her make the correct decision, she brought along her nephew and Lexie, her 14 year old rescued German Shepard mix.    Angus, her 4 year old Golden she adopted two years ago from Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) was left behind to keep watch over the house.   She is a serial GRRR adopter, (would you call her a repeat offender?) which is why she was given access to three of the best homeless Goldens GRRR had to offer, Abby, Ruby and Daisy. 

You know the outcome, she adopted Ruby and Daisy, both.   She agonized between taking Abby or Daisy, but she had no squirrels so Abby turned down the opportunity.   Everyone felt that Ruby would re-home easier with someone she knew, and Daisy was the lady for the job, she could provide some elderly wisdom and stability to a very scared puppy.    She was warned that Ruby would be a long and slow project, Ruby was still pretty traumatized following her rescue from a closed puppy mill.  Ruby was terribly shy and she would require a lot of close work.   That was an investment she was willing to make, as a teacher she was off for the summer and would have time to work with Ruby before school starts again in the fall.    It looks like the correct decision was made by everyone.    The following is an update we received to let all of you know how Ruby and Daisy are doing in their new home in New Mexico.

Just a short update on Ruby and Daisy --

Ruby has decided that she really likes to eat, even though she has to sneak up on the bowl. She will take small snack bones but not big ones yet. She does have her "Frog shaped" wading pool, which she enjoys lounging in several times a day (it has been close to or over 100 degrees here for about a week now) but still does not enjoy the towel thing after her soak. She has made it into the house through the dog door a few times and used her safe spot on the couch to act as a towel. . .sigh. (I think she would have liked the pack swimming adventures at your house.) Her safe spot is right next to my chair so she has started to stand on the arm of the couch (her safe spot) and slowly walk over to the arm of my chair and halfway down onto my lap. She won't come all of the way onto my lap yet, but she is working up the courage to do so.
Ruby has delusions that she is a raccoon or raven, both being scavengers. She has the gift of stealth and rather enjoys stealing things. I followed your advice and purchased several toys and placed them in a basket. While she does take things from the toy basket when I am looking, she can snatch the remote control in lightening fast speed and make it out the dog door (when I am not looking) before I have returned to my chair. She doesn't chew things up, she just likes to take them outside and put them in a pile on the porch. She is particularly fond of electronic devices and tools.
When we first arrived back in New Mexico - the land of enchantment - Ruby took up residence in Lexie's bed next to mine. I have had Lexie for 14 years and she doesn't share her food and she NEVER share's her bed (other than to let the cat cuddle up on those long winter nights). For some unknown reason, Lexie voluntarily allowed Ruby to have her bed without even a dirty look. Three days ago, Ruby decided that she would like to lay on the bed with me and put her head on me while we both sleep. I believe we have bonded. Next we work on her tender feelings so she doesn't get them hurt so often.
Daisy fit into the household like a glove. She adapted to the routine quickly and made the necessary changes immediately -- like having her bowl placed on the floor first. I told you that Angus was a ball whore -- she is a car whore, insisting on going for at least one ride per day -- preferably as an only child, but if necessary, she will share the space with any other four-legged that insists. If it weren't so hot in the garage and I didn't insist she get out of the car I think she would stay in there all day, hoping for a second trip.
Daisy gives Angus a run for his money with the ball chasing on occasion -- only to annoy him and make him see her getting attention when she returns it promptly. He is a typical male and actually likes the flirting. She shares Ruby's wading pool but doesn't get as wet because she is a "walk-through" type of girl, getting only her feet wet and occasionally her face. She enjoys visits from my nephews who love her up while they take turns loving Ruby, oh so gently so she doesn't get scared. Daisy's name fits her perfectly -- she is happy, and bright and a breath of fresh air. We have not witnessed any seizures or any other problems and hope they are a thing of the past. She will be meeting Dr. Mike, our vet, next week for a complete check up. . .at least she will get a ride in the car.
Right now all four dogs and two cats are sound asleep on the floor of my office. I had better get everyone to bed.
When we take in a rescue to foster,  we only make a commitment to help them move on in a week or a month.   When you adopt, you have made a lifetime commitment to provide a home, love and care.   We love to get follow up messages from our former foster friends.  It reminds us that there is still a lot of good in this old world, and a lot of hope, even if you are lost and homeless.   Thanks to all of you who go to the "Used Dog Store" to adopt a "used dog" and have given them a wonderful second life.      

Also, go to: The Bumpass Hounds have a very good post today about dogs and the dangers of hot weather.   Besides, their blog is always worth a read.
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I loved reading this. It is so evident that Ruby and Daisy have found the perfect forever home. I love how she describes working with Ruby and her tender feelings. Made my day...

  2. I love reading the happy ending stories! I'm so glad that Ruby and Daisy have found a great home.

  3. What wonderful news about Ruby and Daisy. We are so happy for both of them, they could not have found a better place to fit in.

    Keep up the good work, Mogley and Bella. Pretty soon Abby will find her perfect place too.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  4. What a happy post, we are so happy that Ruby & Daisy are fitting in. As you say, the right decision was made and the right person gave Ruby her forever home.
    We love Happy Endings.

    Hamish & Sophies

  5. Ahhhhhh!

    What a GReat update!

    I khan't wait to read Chapter 3!


  6. Sounds like Ruby has found a nice person to help her through the transition and Daisy has adjusted so well! I'm still sorry to find Abby can't find a squirrel home, but the perfect one will come soon...

  7. What a GReat post about Ruby & Daisy! Hopefully Abby's squirrel people will be coming soon too.

    Hugs Licks,
    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  8. That is wonderful news! What a truly special lady!