Thursday, June 10, 2010

Abby's shopping list

There are several homes that are currently looking to adopt.   Abby decided to set down some standards for a hew home, otherwise she won't go.   Abby wrote the following to let you know what she expects in a Forever Home. 

  • Squirrels, lots and lots of squirrels.
  • Trees, it is no fun to chase squirrels if they don't have trees.
  • Treats, here there are at least two treat times a day, so that is the minimum standard.
  • A good dog bed.  Very thick, chasing squirrels all day long wears a person out.  The bed should be beside the human bed, I don't like to commute for my good-night tummy rub. 
  • A dog door, this is negotiable, but what good is a squirrel in the back yard if I can't get out to chase them?
  • Tummy rubs, we get two per day here, sometimes three or four.  Top that and I will pack my bags.
  • Ear and jaw scratches.  One or two a day is the minimum.
  • Food, lots and lots of dog food.   Here they ration it, something about my waist line.   Don't worry, I will wear any excess food off chasing squirrels and balls.
  • A new collar, my old collar is getting pretty dirty.  A matching leash is nice as well.
  • Lots and lots of tennis balls.   If I drop one, I will need to pick up another one immediately and I don't like to have to go far without one in my mouth.
  • Stuffed toys, but only a couple.  I like to carry them around, I don't tear them up very often. 
  • A good throwing arm.   What good is a tennis ball if no one throws it?
  • Cats are OK, but not if they try to eat my food.   I just ignore cats, so it is no big deal.
  • A wading pool is nice, I am not a big water dog, I can swim if I need to, but I don't need to swim.
  • Regular walks and rides in the car would be nice.   I need to get out and see the world from time to time.  I do like to ride and I enjoy new places.    
  • Did I mention squirrels?  For the right person, I might bring one of my own squirrels with me.
  • A dog friend?   I can entertain myself with squirrels and tennis balls, but it is nice to have a friend if I am left alone very much.  This is negotiable if being an only dog results in more tummy rubs. 
If your home meets these criteria, then send me your application, I will get back to you after my afternoon nap.   I had a busy morning chasing squirrels and I am tired. 

Abby G. Retriever


  1. Dear Abby, we really hope you will find your perfect forever home. You sound like a very lovable lady, and I am sure there is somebody perfect for you out there. We are having our paws crossed.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  2. Oh Abby!

    If only woo were khloser to Pawsylvania!

    Khousin Merdie and I might both want woo!


  3. I see absolutely no reason why your wish list could not be accommodated. I have squirrels, but I don't think my yard would be big enough for you...unless you like cozy. I wish I could say come on down...

  4. Oh dear Abby. That is not very much to ask for at all. I think you need a new agent who will make sure you get everything you deserve!

    On the other hand, does this mean that you have several people already asking about you?

  5. Hi Abby
    Here's hoping that some nice people will be able to help you out! If I lived closer to CO, I would love to bring you home. Apples & Neeli say that our household meets many of your requirements.
    Good luck to you and what a good boy you are, Mogley, for spelling out what's needed to help Miss Abby.

    Wags & Licks,
    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  6. Abby;
    Good things come to those who wait. Your perfect forever home is out there, and soon we know you will have your own family.

    Lots a Licks & Tail Wags,

    Hamish & Sophie

  7. All very reasonable requests Miss Abby. I hope your dream home finds you soon :)