Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The day after

Above, Sunday afternoon, 8 pool dogs are waiting for more tennis balls in the pool.   The bi-peds were sometimes slow to replenish the ball supply in the pool.  We will work on training them better before the next party.

The pool party on Sunday was a huge success.    The temperature was in the high 90's, the pool was still chilly, only 70, it takes a long time for the solar heat to bring the pool up to temperature once the weather turns warm.  This coming weekend is forecast to be in the 60's, a cold front is coming in. 

This morning the pool was slowly clearing, we could see the bottom of the pool in the shallow end.   We think that means there is not enough dog hair in the filter.   If there was more dog hair in the filter the filter would clean better and the pool would be clear.  We think it is time for another party.    The resident bi-ped says that the pool needs more time for the mud to settle out.   He says that if we would not swim, then roll in the mud, then swim again, the pool would be clean and we could go back in.  He added lots of chlorine Sunday night, that has to dissipate before we can get in again.   We only get to swim when the chlorine is low.  He also keeps a portable fence around the pool to keep us out.   It works for Bella, Abby and I, we know we are not supposed to go in without an invitation.   But visitors sometimes jump over the little fence and go in anyway.   Then I can't be a poor host and not join them. 

Below, more wet dogs, there are never enough wet dogs. 
Apparently the bi-ped has forgotten the benefits of a good mud bath.   Most spas charge extra for a mud bath, we throw it in for free.   Swim, then a mud pack, then swim again.   Anyone up to another pool day? 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hi Mogley
    You're a lucky Golden to have such a great bi-ped who lets you go swimming! Do you ever get ear infections?
    Happy swimming,
    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  2. I hope that no one had to pee! :) Because then that would be a lot of peein' puppies in the pool! :)

  3. I wish I could join you in the pool...it's hot here!

  4. Shhh...i have to whisper...i don't want Star to hear all this, she might wished she'd stayed with you'all longer - and i'm glad she's living with me! But i had to say that looked like SO much fun, and gave me the giggles. Mogley, you and Bella have some special bipeds you do.

  5. Charm says she would always be up for a pool party - that's where she spent a lot of her time at the GRRR Spring Fling! When she wasn't chasing tennis balls that she conned anyone and everyone to throw for her!

  6. Thank you Mogley for more pictures, we love to see them. And yes, we do agree, there weren't enough dog hair in the filter to clean the pool. It's a good thing that you all had that party last Sunday considering there is a cold front coming through.

    Your pool was 70 degrees? Wow, we have natural springs here that are 68 degrees all year long, and they are COLD.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  7. Sure sounds like your Biped does some wonderful things for all of you, and now you have the whole summer to look forward to.

    Hamish & Sophie