Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy, Sad!

Above, Hudson and Rocky get acquainted.    Rocky (left) will be Hudson's new brother, he will teach Hudson how to be a loving and well mannered Golden Retriever. 

There should be a word for "Happy, Sad".  One word that can tell you what we feel when we find a new Forever Home for one of our fosters, and also describes how we miss them when they are gone.

Hudson went to meet his new family today, we all four went over to Rescue Central together.  Bella and I went along to keep everyone company, Hudson and Hilary went because they were to meet prospective new families. 

Hudson met his family and was quite taken by them.    Their Golden, Rocky, and Hudson got acquainted and decided that they could be best friends, given some time.   Hudson, being the timid puppy farm escapee that he is, takes time to warm up to anyone.   But he and Rocky get along very well.   We are all very pleased with the home that Hudson will have.    He has to spend a few days in a condominium, they had a fire at their home and are staying a few blocks away till the repairs are done.  When he moves back into the new home, he will have a huge yard, lots of toys, a dog door to use, and all the loving a Golden can get from a wonderful family.    We are very happy for him, he can start his forever life now, but we are also sad because he was loved  here and we had some wonderful times playing together. 

Below, two photos of Golden Retriever "Rescue Central", or at least the front porch.   Our mascot is the one on the far left.  He does not play a lot, but he sure keeps a close eye on everything. 
Hilary went along because someone was going to try to make it over to meet her, but they could not make it in time.   So Hilary will have to wait till another day.   But she does have people looking for her, so it will only be a matter of time.

Meanwhile, I have a picture of me playing with a sprinkler in the late evening light.     It has been very hot in Denver, so I hit the sprinklers several times a day. 

We all wish Hudson a long and wonderful life in his new home.  He had such a rough start in life that he deserves to have a wonderful life from here on out. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Happy sad is khorrekht!

    Khongrats to Hudson!

    We know Hilary's day is khoming soon!


  2. Well, you could use 'sappy', but I think that might be misconstrued! :)

    Evidently Sarah Palin is good at inventing new words. We should ask her :)

  3. We are so happy for Hudson, he deserves a good home. And we are also glad that Hilary has already somebody interested in her. We wish you a happy and long life, Hudson.

    It is very hot here in the Florida Panhandle also, plus muggy. We cannot go under sprinklers or such because we get fungi infections if we get wet too often. But we are in an cool air conditioned home with a dog door, so it is alright.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  4. Hi Mogley
    What GReat news for Hudson! May he enjoy his new forever home with his buddy Rocky. Hopefully Ms. Hilary's people will soon be coming for her. And when do your new rescues come to your home?

    Enjoy the sprinkler - it's been real hot in Philadelphia too. Neeli plays with the hose too!

    Wags & licks,
    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  5. We are happy for Hudson, but we know how you guys feel. It's so wonderful that you are able to help so many Golden's to find loving forever homes.
    Mogley & Bella, you and the biped are the best.

  6. YAY Hudson! I can't imagine if I could ever give a foster away! I bond so quickly to dogs that I don't know if I could do it!!

  7. We certainly vote for more happy than sad, but can understand the conflicted emotions. We have never fostered - only brought home dogs permanently. We have seen that happy/sad look on the foster parents' faces. But we can only say - thank you.

  8. We are glad your Hudson found a home. It really must be hard because it only takes a second to love a dog. We love the photo of you enjoying the sprinkler!

  9. I think the term is "bittersweet". How happy we are to seem them find a home, how sad we are to see them go!