Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our new foster, Hudson

Help us welcome our new foster, Hudson.    It is rare that we have a chance to foster siblings, especially when they are so much alike.  Hudson is a litter mate of Ruby that was our foster earlier in the year.    New readers may want to go back to our blog for May 4, 2010 where we describe the conditions and situation that these dogs were living in when they were rescued.   That is why yesterdays blog was title "De jue vue all over again".    We see so many of the same behaviours and responses in Hudson that we saw in Ruby.   

Hudson is a little over 1 year old, 30-35 pounds, and very timid.  He is one of the puppy mill dogs that Golden Retriever Puppy Mill Rescue Team (GRPMRT) bought at an auction on May 1, 2010. Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies stepped in to provide transportation and new homes for many of the Goldens.     The conditions these dogs were in at their breeder is almost indescribable according to a local newspaper that described the conditions.    They were kept in cages and pens full of feces, full of fleas and ticks, and totally un-socialised.    All of the dogs from this auction have required extra work to get ready to become full fledged members of homes and of the Golden Community.

Since Bella and I helped bring Ruby out of her shell, we thought we would try and help Hudson as well.   We have not been able to get a photo of Hudson, he has been too busy hiding behind things in this strange new world.   When you are a timid young puppy mill refuge, any change is scary.  Anything new is frightening.  Anyone new is intimidating.  

Hudson spent a quiet night beside the bed, there is a crate in the bedroom and he went into it for security.   Outside he is not sure what to make of the many new things.  He is dragging a leash as there are so many places to hide in the big back yard and so many places for a young and scared dog to vanish into.    Ruby had a large hole dug under the roots of one apple tree, she was able to hide there for a long time, driving the humans to panic, thinking that somehow she had escaped.   For Hudson, at least the end of the leash should be visible to tell them where he is hiding.    So far, when he is in the back yard all he wants is back in the house, and if the bedroom door is open, back into his crate.  He is not comfortable with the great outdoors yet. 

We will post photos of him when we can, but you can look back at the May 4th blog and see Ruby, they look identical.   The differences are in behaviour.    Hudson likes human contact, likes being petted much more than Ruby did, the product of several months in a loving foster home.    Hudson walks well on a leash, until he panics, then he tries to slip out and run away.  He even sits when we get treats.   He is already dog door trained which will help him find freedom and maybe bring him out a little as well, once he learns his way around.   We will give him time and see if more activity and more challenges will bring him out of his shell.   He is still quick to panic, he does not like change and he does not like the big world he has been thrust into.     In a few days, we will see a different Hudson emerge, we will see the real dog and know how to work with him to get him ready for a loving and very patient Forever Home. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. How sad that a puppy would feel that scared, but how exciting that I know what a wonderful job you are going to do with him. I can't wait to see his transformation!

  2. We khan see why woo waited to give him his own post!

    Thanks fur letting him learn from the best ;=)

    We khan't wait to hear about how well he does AND see him soon too!


  3. My heart goes out for these poor guys! When will puppy mills ever end?

    Welcome, Hudson!


  4. We went back and looked at the photos of Ruby over time, and the difference is amazing.
    We know that Hudson will learn the Golden way in a caring manner with lots of love and understanding.
    We look forward to photos. We know it has been said before but we can't say it enough, "THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THESE WONDERFUL GOLDENS".
    Mogely, Bella, and your biped are truly Golden Angels here on earth.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  5. Oh Mogley, our hearts go out to Hudson. Our mommie got letters from ASPCA, HSUS and Peta to tell her how to fight those puppy mills. And she will do it.
    We want to thank you, Bella and your bi-peds for all the kindness and patience, all the love and caring that you give to the ones that are in dire need of it. Our thoughts will be with you.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.