Sunday, July 25, 2010

A week without news

We just realised that it has been a week without a single post.    Not much has happened that was exciting enough to post.    We were supposed to walk in a parade on Saturday with all of the other Golden's.   Then our chauffeur did not get any sleep the night before and ended up sleeping too late to go to the parade.   What a bummer, we could have been visiting all of our friends, but out chauffeur would not get up in time.     Demerits!

Then something called the washing machine broke and leaked all over.   That seemed to upset them, it made the carpet a lot cooler to rest on, it is hard to understand humans sometimes.  They spent several days drying things out and cleaning things up.  Then several more days shopping for a new one.    Bella and I don't understand why they need a new one, the old one had a glass window in front, but it was pretty boring to watch. 

Now they say they won't be picking up a new foster till after this week end.    They have a trip planned and our cousins will be taking care of all of us at one house.   They think seven Golden's in one house is enough.   It is only after the trip we will see a new foster.   But we will have several days of play with Emma, Molly, Piper, and Nala the foster lady. 

Hilary is doing so well that she is happy to stay here until the trip is over, then she can start looking for her forever home in earnest.    She is in danger of being renamed.    Without a tail she shakes her whole rump when she is happy.     We are thinking of calling her Rumba or Shaky.     It is easy to see when she is greeting you, she shakes like a bad 50's dancer.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. We have a tailess golden and we call her "Bobbi" which is short for Roberta. Or sometimes we just call her "Waggy Butt"

  2. Such a week without news -

    Maybe there will be double news soon -


  3. Mogley,you have plenty of news. Going to spend a weekend with your cousins, 7 Goldens in one place, sounds like a disaster in the making. We are only 4, 3 Goldens and one Black Lab, and we go on mommie's last nerve ever so often. At least that's what she said, even so she wouldn't want to be without us ever.

    Have fun!

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.