Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Sunday

It has been a quiet weekend.   On Saturday the Chauffeur went down to a local street fair to pour beer with several other volunteers.   Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies was allowed to keep tips for the rescue.   He came home smelling good, but he would not let us lick him.  

There was some late fireworks Friday night, then some thunder this afternoon, we discovered that Hilary does not like fireworks or thunder very much.   She does not have a lot of fear, but she gets anxious, she paces a lot.  She ended up hiding in the crate till it was calm again.   

Some unknown intruder dug two large holes in the backyard.   Since they were dog sized holes, the paw of suspicion was pointed at us.   Hudson came in late in the evening with very dirty paws, he said he was just walking along and walked through some lose dirt that someone had left there.    It must have been an intruder that dug the holes, probably raccoons, squirrels or cats, cats are always digging holes, that is a fact.    The suspicion still exists, there was some finger pointing and loud words.     There are several places where dog holes are allowed, but these new holes were not in the right place.   They were filled in, compacted and watered.    That makes nice mud for us to wade in, so we got into trouble again.

Hudson has been making great progress.   All four of us (Bella, Hilary, Hudson and I), have been playing together a lot.    We have some house shaking four way wrestling matches that are great fun.  We have had several visitors and Hudson is letting them pet him, a big step forward for a timid puppy mill refugee.   Hudson is beginning to come when called and he is even learning to sit.   We will rewrite Hudson's resume on the dating site, he is ready to start seeking a new home in earnest.   He would like to be here another week or two to learn more, but he is ready now if the right home comes along.     He would like a home with a dog door and a play mate with a lot of energy.  The dog door is important so he can go outside and run when he has energy that needs to be released.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. That Hudson sounds like an impish fellow! I think he and Monty might be related.


  2. You guys sure sound like you are having a ball, but your biped is going to need a large bottle of aspirin.
    Those backyard holes sound very mysterious but we won't point a paw at anyone...BOL

  3. Oh, you have those intruders, too. We wish we could catch them, but we get so much dirt on our paws from the dirt they slung all over our yard digging holes. Terrible, isn;t it?

  4. RutRoh!

    Hudson will soon be outdoing me with that khoming when khalled thing!

    Maybe woo need some kind of khamera to khatch those guilty non-GR holediggers!


  5. Mogley, you and Bella are doing a wonders job with your fosterlings. I'll bet they hate to leave.

    Those dug holes are certainly mysterious. I'll bet there were a whole bunch of hole burglars in the neighborhood. You should really check with the neighbors.

    Be good to your bi-peds, they have a handful with all of you.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  6. So you have holes in your backyard too Neeli says! Sounds like a lot of fun...

    Good luck Hillary & Hudson with finding your forever homes.

    Nadine Apples & Neeli