Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hillary unpacks her travel bags

Wednesday was a very busy day at the Golden Mad House.  First we had a busy day playing with Hudson, our puppy mill rescue alumni.   He has a lot of energy and he wants to play constantly.   When I tire out, he starts bothering Bella until she plays with him.    Once she is tired, he comes back and starts doing the play dance in front of me.    If neither one of us will play with him, he goes outside and runs in big circles around the yard, he raids the toy bin or he tries to get the cats to play.    He is going to end up with a sore nose if he does not stop pushing the cats with his nose, trying to get them to play. 

Then a call came in that two boys were being surrendered and they needed to be picked up later in the afternoon.   The chauffeur picked up Daniel and Jack, then drove them over to Rescue Central.  They will spend the night, then go to the vet for their physical exam.   They are two great Golden's.   Daniel is a large, white male, with a beautiful long white coat.   Jack is a medium sized red male, with beautiful coloring.  Jack and Daniel are about 2 1/2 years old, well house broken and well behaved.   They will be looking for new Forever Homes soon.   Maybe there is room for a pair of males in New Mexico, next door to Honey and Butter.    Keep an eye out for a new home for these two wonderful Golden's. 

At Rescue Central there was a small emergency.   Hillary was a refugee from a shelter where she had been after being picked up on the street with her friend, Henry.  Hillary had been spayed, had a tumor removed and had teeth pulled.   She needed a place to stay that could watch her and help her heal.   Hillary arrived to bring the population of the rescue house to four Golden's.   She is such a nice, calm and loving lady that we will really enjoy having her here.   She is 8 years old, has just been groomed so she is fluffy and beautiful now, but her coat shows signs of neglect, places where she was clipped to remove burrs or mats.   The first thing you notice about Hillary is that she has no tail.   When she wags, her rear end has to move a lot because the little pom-pom tail can't express her happiness.   She is such a happy soul, she looks like she is doing the rumba when she greets you.  He looks a little like a tan sheep because of her fluffy coat and bobbed tail.    She explained that she will not be staying long, she has a possible adoption pending but her prospective new family is temporarily out of town.   She will stay with us until she either is claimed by her new family or until she finds another forever home.     As nice as she is, she won't be available for long.    We think she is pretty special and a loving, mellow Golden Lady.

Her welcome "wagging" is pretty short, but very active.    Help us welcome Hillary to the Golden Mad House.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Sure sounds like things are really revving up at your place. You have so many Golden's coming and going we don't know how you keep everyone straight.
    But we thank you for all you do to help out these guys and gals.
    Welcome Hilliary to a wonderful home to recover and get ready for your forever home.
    Mogley, please take it easy with Hudson we don't want you to overdo, maybe you and Bella can have a talk with the youngster and ask him to set his Golden meter down just a bit.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  2. Welcome Hilliary, you found a good foster home. Maybe you can help Mogley and Bella keep Hudson busy.

    You sure are cute as a button!

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  3. Poor Hillary! No tail??

    You never cease to amaze me Mogley. Thanks for keeping us updated on the rescues!

  4. What a GReat post - as usual!

    It would appear that woo've worked your usual magikh with Hudson!

    Hillary is a beaWOOtiful GiRl!

    We khan't wait to see Jack and Daniel too!


  5. I'm in love with Hilliary. When ever it comes time for us to get another dog, I want to drive to Colorado and get one of Mogley's fosters.

  6. Woof! Woof! Welcome Hilary. I wonder what happened to her tail. You in a safe place, Hilary. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Hi Mogley
    You & your bi-peds are amazing! How do you keep track of all the Goldens coming through? Hillary is just beautiful - hopefully her new home will come through. We can't wait to see Jack & Daniel.

    Take care of yourself, Mr Mogley!
    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  8. Hillary is quite a beautiful lady!


  9. Mogley, mommie read your last blog entry again and she wonders what Rescue Central is. Actually you talk about it quite often. Maybe you could tell us about Rescue Central in one of your future blog entries.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  10. Hey Mogley (& Bella)
    Things are Gettysburg as crowded at your house as they are here. And we both have a tailless Golden in the mix: Radar, our blind red golden doesn't have a tail (birth defect either). And Patti had some of the end of her tail amputated because it wouldn't heal up from getting hit by a car; but she still has lots of tail to wag, it's just a bit shorter than it used to be. Please tell Ms. Hillary that we all think she is beautiful. We couldn't notice the temporary clips in her coat that will grow out shortly anyway. Hudson seems to have as much energy and habits as Patti Whackit. Like Hudson, Patti always wants to play and after she works her way through the pack she takes up with the cats and most of them don't appreciate it, especially Alex. Patti will one day have a very sore nose; but it makes for funny videos to post on the blog. And we're hoping that Jack & Daniel (sounds like something in the bar cabinet) find new homes ASAP. Hey, look at Honey and Butter's situation. Y'all have a GReat day. We love ya.
    - TBH&K
    - TBH&K