Monday, July 5, 2010

Hudson, a Golden Retriever in the making.

It is wonderful to watch a timid young golden evolve into a loving and obedient Golden Retriever.   Hudson has come a long way from the puppy mill.   His foster family made a lot of progress with him, he understands sit, he comes when called, occasionally.  But they were not with him during the day and they felt that he needed more intense contact and more work to finish his evolution to becoming a Golden Companion.  He has a lot of energy that needs a way out. 

Bella and I took him under our tail and are teaching him what he needs to know.   We played tag outside, we played tug-o-war, we even chased squirrels together.   Bella is a great tutor, now that Abby is gone, Bella is glad to have help in keeping the squirrels on their toes. 

 The human is working with him to make him more sociable.  Last evening we spent several hours on the floor playing tummy scratch, ear and chin rub.   Hudson watched Bella and I get all the attention for a while, then he joined the pile on the floor for his share.     Since then Hudson has been a pet-a-holic.   He has been looking for attention where ever he can find it.  They had four friends stop by today.   Hudson was afraid and ran away at first.   Within 30 minutes he was accepting head pats from strangers.   Now that is progress.     The humans did learn one thing,  Hudson does not like to be stared at, if you look around him, he will come when called, come for petting, come for dinner, he loves attention.   Look straight at him and he runs away. 

Hudson spends his nap hours under the computer desk, hoping for a pet between sentences.   He still has a lot to learn, he does not know the basic commands very well.   The humans brought out their secrete weapon, peanut butter.    They use peanut butter on a finger as a regular reward, Hudson has developed quite a taste for it, he will come running from far away when he is called now.  

We hope you enjoy these photos of Hudson.   We hope to have him socialized well enough to put him on the web site by next week.    We are so happy about his change in the time he has been here.   We expect fosters to settle in, but Hudson is settling in very fast and very well.   Oh, he still runs when anything new happens, he still is timid and scared, but he will learn fast. 

What was once a Puppy Mill Rescue will soon be a full fledged Golden Retriever and someone's wonderful companion.   It is in his genes, it is his heritage, it just needs help getting out.    Help us find that special Forever Home that will have the patience to help Hudson on the rest of his journey.  

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mom is sitting here making THOSE faces about him and fur him -

    We always hear what fast learners woo GR's are - and I khan see Hudson is NOT difFURent!

    The eye khontakht thing is something those helping snag Rocky were khautioned about - not to look at him -

    Once again, here's to Hudson and ALL the special khanines and people helping him find normalcy -


  2. Hudson is a beautiful dog!! I think with you Goldens and your humans, he'll learn quickly and stop being so afraid. Then you'll find his forever home and he will live happily ever after!

    Mogley, you do great work!

  3. What a beautiful Golden Hudson is. Pretty soon he will find a forever home where he will be comfortable and not scared anymore. Mogley and Bella, you are just wonderful helping your bi-peds with all those fosterlings, their fear and timidness. You are special. Thank you for the pictures.

    PS:Don't tell mommie about the peanut butter, we don't want her to start that with us. We don't always come when called, we don't want mommie to think she is in charge.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  4. What progress Hudson has made in such a short time. Mogley, with your and Bella's help Hudson will be a wonderful companion to someone.
    Your biped needs to have a paw on the back for all his help, you three make a wonderful team.

    Hamish & Sophie

  5. Hi Mogley
    What a handsome Golden Hudson is! You & Bella are wonderful teachers and we're sure that Hudson will soon be finding his new home. If there's any extra peanut butter left, please give Neeli a call & she'll provide you with a yogurt/peanut butter/banana frozen yummie treat recipe!

    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  6. Hey Mogley,
    Well Hudson sure is a handsome specimen so we're sure he fits right in with you and Bella. GReat to hear that he's settled in so well. Thank DOG y'all are there to help out with his socialization with things like showing him how to play games and get pets, etc. Have y'all shown him how to tale treats? If not, we can stop by and show him if your peeps cooperate.
    - TBH&K