Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adventures with Ellie, Part 2

Last night we brought home Ellie, our new foster sister. She was rescued from a very bad shelter by the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies. The volunteers snatched her away and sent her on a long car ride to Golden Colorado where we picked her up. We get to give her a home until we can find the perfect forever home for her. She is not a pure breed Golden, she has something else in her blood line. Mary thinks it may be Collie, others think it is Shepherd. Whatever it is she has a very cute face, expressive eyes and ears, and a beautiful coat. She is a whitish-tan with golden ears. We have a cat her color, it is called a flame point Himalayan. She is only 5-6 months old and still pretty small. She has a lot of energy and plays quite well. She is a very fun girl and we think she will be a great companion for someone.

Last night when she arrived she was still pretty tired, hungry and a little uncertain about her surroundings. She had dinner and went to bed. She had picked up some bad manners somewhere, she kept trying to crawl into the bed, one house rule is that there are several dog beds, only one people bed with no dogs allowed. Once that rule was established everyone slept well. This morning she woke up early and we all went outside for a romp before breakfast.

After romping for a while, Ellie decided to take a wade in the swimming pool. Then she followed us through the dog doors back into the house. That was the fastest anyone has ever mastered the dogs doors. We had a peaceful breakfast, each of us kept to hour own bowl. She even shared her special puppy food with me. Boy does her food taste good. Then we ran and played again before our morning naps. After we woke up the human gave us each a rawhide chew toy. That is the good thing about having a new puppy in the house, the humans know that puppy's like to chew so they give us extra chew toys to protect the furniture. The bad news about a new foster friend in the house is that the humans do not take us out to run in the big dog park until they are sure the foster will come back when called.

That is all for now, stay close to keep up on our adventures.

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. Ellie looks like such a sweet pretty girl. Those are lovely photo's of her, she looks like she is having so much fun. We hope she gets her forever home soon.

    Woofs & Waggles,
    Holly & Zac