Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boring Life

It has been very boring the last few days. Just Bella and I to play together. The human says we are just laying around, we don't do anything. He says we are just depressed because we lost our friends. He took us to the big park to let us run off leash to see if exercise would help. It did help, we were wild dogs for several hours, then we were lazy again. We miss our friends Dixie and Thelma. We have not heard from them since they went to their new forever homes. We hope they are doing well. We gave them my e-mail address, I hope they check in soon.

We hope another foster dog will be placed with us soon. In the meantime the human takes us everywhere in the car, trying to keep us busy and keep us from getting in trouble. We got to run in the water down at the stream, the river is nice and clear now, the spring run off is over, so we came home clean dogs after playing. The human forgot his camera so we will go again tomorrow to take pictures.

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. Hi Mogley,
    What's new? Hope all is well with you and Bella and your humans. We are eager for your latest news, adventures and pics.