Friday, June 27, 2008

Adventures with Ellie, Part 3

We had fun last night, all three of us went to the concert in the park. There were hundreds of people there, some stopped by to pet us as we played together on the grass. We had a good time listening to music and watching the children running on the grass.

The picture above shows that Ellie has no toys to play with and this is why you need to rescue her from her foster home and give her a forever home with lots of toys and love.

t is the time that we dread, time to write about Ellie so we can find a forever home for her. Ellie has been a very, very fun playmate and we think she is pretty wonderful. She learns very fast, it took only two minutes to teach her to sit when the humans first started working with her. She found out how to come in through two dog doors in only minutes as well, she is still having trouble getting out the dog doors, but that will improve with practice. She eats politely; at our house everyone has to wait until all are served before anyone can eat, Ellie waits patiently, sitting with her tail beating the floor. When it is treat time, she sits in a row with the rest of us, each getting a treat in turn. The cats like her, she has not shown any interest in antagonizing them, they in turn feel no concern in walking by her in the hallway. She walks well on the leash. She is a little weak on responding to "Ellie, Come", but she does respond. She is learning commands very easily and she will be very easy to train. She responds to treats and to praise equally. Both work well to motivate her.

Her disposition is very relaxed. She is not a rowdy puppy, she is very calm and quiet. She does not have the 6 month old puppy destructive tendencies. She likes being with people and is a good lover of humans. She barks only when necessary, that is when someone is at the door. No barking just for attention. The humans say the best part is that she does not chew vigorously. She has not chewed on anything that was not a dog toy. Even dog toys get careful treatment compared to what Bella and I do to them. Your furniture and keepsakes are not at risk with Ellie.

We think Ellie would be a wonderful addition to a family that wants a young dog they can train, but they are afraid of the typical exuberance and excessive playfulness of most young dogs. Her time in the dog pound seems to have taken the high energy out and replaced it with a calm and relaxed approach to life. She is more of a philosopher than an athlete or warrior. She would be a wonderful addition to any family. We love her and we hope she gets a wonderful home, yours perhaps?

Try going to the GRRR web site and see Ellie's profile. Then fill out and application and give this wonderful puppy and forever home. Go to, go to Adopt/Available Dogs, then click on available dogs in the first sentence. Read about Ellie and many other homeless dogs that need your help to get out of "Doggy Jail".

Mogley G. Retriever

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