Monday, June 2, 2008

Two Fosters' need homes!

With four young dogs in the house, we are having a ball. In fact we are having six tennis balls worth of fun. We have some pictures of us at play, running, wrestling and fighting. We now have two foster friends that we need homes for. Last night we learned that one foster home has 19 foster Goldens, people are surrendering dogs faster than we can find homes for them. See the pictures and then read more on the "dog explosion". Below is our newest foster friend, Dixie, she is looking over her shoulder, hoping to see a forever home she can go to.
Below two of us wrestle with Thelma, front left is Dixie, on the right is Bella. I am taking the picture, I hope the human does not find out I stole his camera.

Dixie is with us because she proved to be a hand full at her home. She is well mannered, but she is extra high energy and when that energy is couped up, she finds things to get into. Many people do not realise the high energy level of a young Golden Retriever. We take a lot of exercise to keep us from inappropriate behaviour such as chewing, barking, etc. Our house has multiple dogs to keep one another occupied, after playing together we don't have the energy to do anything wrong. If you don't have the energy to exercise a dog, consider an older golden, they are quite happy to go for a short walk and then lay at your feet. They are house trained, they have learned their commands and are ready to help you enjoy life. You can help an older, golden dog have golden years. There are many well trained and well behaved older dogs available. Below Thelma and Dixie are in a fight to determine the world champion dog wrestler!

Thelma is proving to be a low maintenance, moderate energy friend. She plays well but not as long and hard as the rest of us. She would work well with a quieter household. She went to meet a prospective forever home last night, but we don't know what they will determine. Thelma said she liked the person and she liked the idea of being on a ranch. We hope they come back for her. Below we find Dixie after she has worn out from playing, she found a cool shady spot in the dirt to rest and watch the other three dogs run. Keep tuned for more chapters in the on-going soap opera, "As the Doggies Play". If you know someone that is looking for a Golden Friend, contact GRRR (there is a link on the left). They have over 35 Golden Dogs that are looking for homes. Many of them are not on the web site yet as they are still being evaluated. Contact our staff and ask them to find you the perfect match. They know the dogs, if you will tell them your needs, they will find you the perfect dog! Just relax and leave the retrieving to us.

Mogely G. Retriever

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