Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun in the sun

Thelma and Dixie engage in an early morning fight, both are ready to fight to the death, teeth bared, claws sharp. Just when they were ready to inflict mortal wounds on each other they heard their breakfast bowls being filled. Who can fight on an empty stomach?
Thelma has come so far in the three weeks she has been here. Thelma and her sister Louise were picked up in New Mexico, running loose. They had a long car ride to Denver, they arrived at Golden Retriever Rescue with diarrhea, kennel cough, tired and very scared, they had lost much of the trust in humans that makes the dog/human relationship so special. She got into trouble in her first home by chewing shoes. When she arrived at our place she even chewed up a cushion because she was scared and nervous. Then she learned that even if she was bad she still had a home, the human would not hurt her, they would not move her. She stopped her nervous chewing as she relaxed and learned that life can be very good if you have a nice home. Today the human was laying on the floor watching TV, I was laying at his head, Bella was warming his feet and Thelma was laying down his side, his one hand was scratching her tummy and she was making cooing sounds of happiness. He is threatening to rename her "Velcro" because he can not get her away from his side. She has come so far, she has changed so much. We hope that whoever gives her a forever home understands how hard she has worked to be accepted and how much she craves love and attention. Here is Thelma in the tall grass, pretending to be a wild a dog.

We have had several people ask about Thelma and Dixie. One person was leaving on a trip and would not be back for several weeks. One person is remodeling a house and wants to wait till that is done. Another person is just looking, they have not decided what kind of dog they want. Thelma and Dixie are feeling very bad, they want to start life in their new homes right away, the longer they wait the harder it will be on them to leave their foster home.

Go to the web site and tell your friends to go. There are many lonely homeless dogs that need new homes, today. Help us find our forever homes, please. There are shelters and rescue organizations all across the country. Take a moment to help.

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. Dear Mogley,
    You are doing a wonderful service, helping your humans to foster and find forever homes for Dixie and Thelma and other great dogs. I know from experience that sometimes it takes awhile, so don't give up! I was a resuce foster Golden too.
    In the meantime, keep on enjoying every day you have together with your foster sisters and brothers and all the love you are sharing with your special humans!
    Mom and I love your blog and we tell all our friends to read it too!

    Woofs and Wags,
    C-pup .