Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update on our Foster Friends

We received a message from the nice family that took in Dixie. We are so happy that she has a happy forever home. This is what makes fostering so worth while! Even though it was written by a human, it is still a good letter...

"You can tell Mogley and Bella that "Dixie" is doing magnificently! Yeah, she was a bit confused and skittish the first day at her forever home, but ever since, she's becoming a tighter part of the family with each day. Her first day with our family was pretty busy. After a full day of meeting a lot of people and dogs at GRRR, she got to attend a 12 year old baseball game. "Dixie" was a bit overwhelmed when approached by masses of people hoping to make her acquaintance, but she settled in nicely. Fortunately, there was a dog park at the ball field complex so "Dixie" got to loosen up a bit. Dixie was also happy to know that we've been caring for a Chesapeake/Lab (Layla) mix while her parents are out of town on an extended trip. Layla and Dixie quickly became friends and they've been playing sun up to sun down every day. They play an assortments of games each day from wrestling, to fetch to spirited games of tug-of-war. I've attached a few photos of some recent tugging contests.
Dixie does indeed have a lot of energy. But, she's no match for this family with three teenage boys and two active parents, all enthusiastic dog lovers. (More example pictures attached.) Her routine has included daily morning runs, and sometimes two morning runs, playing with the boys and Layla throughout the day and an evening obedience walk. In the mix has been some off leash training at the local dog park. We're pleased to report that Dixie has become very refined in heeling, sitting and staying. Plus, she's now giving her paw upon command. She's a sharp, loving gal, and she's very eager to learn. And with all of the time she gets to spend in the park behind our home, she's meeting a lot of new dog and human friends along the way.

Rest assured that Dixie is getting a lot of love and a lot of exercise. While we know she misses her friends, those friends should be happy to know that Dixie has found herself a very loving and caring forever home. Her personality continues to emerge with each day, and that personality includes the fact that she is a snuggler. We are THRILLED to have her as a part of our family. Thank you for taking such great care of her in preparation for many years of love and affection in our home. We hope to reunite Dixie with all of her friends at the GRRR reunion later this summer.

Below: Dixie is a snuggler!

Playing hard can really wear a girl out!

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