Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alexis the Space dog

The resident human took his lap top with him and left me without a way to blog. I may organize pickets in front of the house to protest and to organize a fund drive to buy my own computer. He claims dog hair on the keyboard makes it hard to type. He keeps spraying flea powder on the keys. Alexis has been to the vet three times to get her stitches replaced. The third time she came home with a big plastic collar on her neck. She looked like a dog from outer space. It upset me a lot, it still upsets me just thinking about it. I attacked her and tried to rescue her from the collar. It got pretty noisy and some fur was in the air. I tore the collar up pretty good, it has a lot of teeth marks in it. The humans separated us and took the collar off of her. They tried to protect the stitches by wrapping her leg heavily with bandages with a layer of duct tape on top of it all to keep her from pulling out the staples. That allowed us to become friends again. The collar was laying on the floor near my favorite nap place, I could not bring myself to go near the hated plastic collar.

The humans watched Alexis closely for a few days to make sure she did not open up the incision, then they relaxed, she managed to tear off the new bandage shortly after they replaced it and she pulled the stitches out again. They took her to the vet, only this time the vet decided that she had healed pretty well and she did not need stitches again.

Our kennel cough is getting better, it is almost a week since we started taking our pills, we only cough once or twice per day. My energy is returning, the cough took a lot of energy away. We still have four more days of pills.
Alexis has perked up a lot more as well. She now chases the squirrels pretty hard. Bella and Alexis keep the squirrels running from tree to tree in the back yard. She is not allowed in the pool until her stitches heal completely and she misses her morning swim. She loves to lay on her back and kick her legs in the air. She does this several times a day, it is funny to watch. She even bounces on her front legs in "play invite".

I miss my swims, the humans don't want anydog in a pool until Alexis is better. They did not tell me not to get into the fish pond. Yesterday when it was very hot I had to cool off and since the pool was off limits, I jumped into the fish pond. When I came into the house they yelled at me that I was not supposed to get in the pool, Alexis might follow me in. I told them they were wrong, I did not get in the pool. They smelled me and they agreed, I had not been in the pool. They took me into the pool to clean off and get the fish smell washed away. I wish the would make up their mind. They don't want me in the pool until I get into the fish pond, they when I get into the fish pond they want me to get into the pool to wash off.

Alexis is now ready to go to her forever home. She still has some healing to do, but that is easy. She has a few days of pills to take for her cough and we can send those with her. The problem is that Alexis thinks she already has her forever home. She has settled in, she took over one of the dog beds, she has her own food bowl, her own leash, and she has free run of the house and yard. She knows the cats by their first names and she knows the squirrels by their chatter. She does not see any need to move. We have explained that she has to go to a forever home so that another foster dog can come to live with us, she says the foster can just go to that other home we keep telling her about. She said that if it is that wonderful of a home, the new foster dog can go directly there. We think she will like her new home once she gives it a try, but she is not too keen on trying it.

We have not heard if there is a firm adoption yet, but we should hear soon if she has a new home. Keep reading, we will update it as soon as we hear.

Mogley G. Retriever

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