Monday, July 28, 2008

A very Special Dog!

You may remember that Sophie was a foster dog staying at the humans son-in-law and daughters home along with Emma and Piper. Sophie was a super dog, she had the energy level of two normal dogs. She was a tennis ball-a-holic and she played from morning till night with her house mates. When it came time for her to be adopted we described her to one potential home as "like inviting hurricane Katrina to stop by your outdoor wedding to have a slice of cake." You were going to get more than you expected. She may have been the most energetic 18 month old Golden we have ever met. We were worried about her ever finding a home that could give her enough challenge and exercise. Then she tried out to be a police, drug sniffing dog. Her high energy and her need to work made her an ideal candidate to be a working dog. Being able to obsess over something, like tennis balls, means you will work hard and focus on whatever task you are given. All she needs is tasks to pursue and she will have a direction for her energy. It is exciting, a friend of ours is now in the training academy to learn to be a police tracking dog. Many people don't know that Golden Retrievers have Bloodhound in our genes, it was bred in so that we could more easily find birds and game when we were retrieving in the field. We have excellent noses and we are very accomplished trackers. What a wonderful opportunity for one of our friends to be a working dog to help find lost evidence and solve crimes for the police.

A very special thanks goes to the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, their volunteers went out of their way to find a way that Sophie could have a full life. It took time to make the arrangements for her to attend K-9 Academy. We appreciate the time and dedication it took to make it come true. Special people helping special dogs!

K-9 Sophie G. Retriever reporting for duty, Sir!

We expect to read about her in the paper soon:

"Foster dog from Golden Retriever Rescue
of the Rockies, Makes Good,
Sophie solves huge drug case."
Congratulations Sophie!

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. What a cool story! Our parents always wondered why our noses get the best of us a lot of times when we go for walks. Sometimes instead of walking we prefer sniffing! Now we know why! We have part Bloodhound in us!

    You go Sophie!!!