Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lap Dog!

I am now officially a lap dog. No, not a dog that sits on peoples laps, I am a dog that swims laps in the pool! After I completed my swimming lessons I have been practicing every chance I get. In the photo below I am going to rescue a swimmer that is obviously in trouble.

I am going to work on my life saving qualifications. In the photo below I am pulling a swimmer to the shore by grabbing their swim float. I have a hard time throwing a life ring like the real life guards, but I can take a swim float to them.

Being a water dog is a lot of fun. I start the day with a short swim. Then the humans lock the dog door, they want to keep me out side when I am wet. Is that a way to treat a clean dog? At least I will have a nice cool summer, no matter how hot it gets. If any of my golden retriever friends want to stop by and swim, we can have fun.

Mogley G. Retriver

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