Friday, July 18, 2008

Another day, Another pill

Alexis and the human went to the vet this morning. I did not get to go, they have the best dog treats there. I told Alexis to bring some back, she will eat them, I know her. She told me that the vet did not even let them in the clinic. They drove up to the back door, the vet wheeled out a clean up kit and stitched her up right in the truck. They did not want kennel cough inside. She said that she had some treats and somehow they got lost on the way home. Sure!

We have been in e-mail contact with someone that wants to adopt Alexis. It sounds like a wonderful home for her. She would live in Wyoming, lots of wide open spaces, mountain trails to hike, streams to wade in, wildlife to chase, miles of open space to run in without your leash, and her very own dog door so she can come and go as she likes. What more could any dog ask for? It proves that dogs do not have to die to go to heaven. The people did not say what brand of doggy treat they would be giving her. Humans always forget the important things.

I came running in the house while the evening news was on, the news was that I was wet and dripping all over the floor. You know that "bad dog" routine? You know, the shaking of the finger, the stern voice? That is what I had to put up with. They shoved me out the door and locked the dog door again. I am a sick dog, don't they know they are supposed to treat me carefully?

We did get extra treats tonight. We had several extra pills to take and we had peanut butter with each one. Bring on the pills.

When we checked Alexis' leg and she had an open wound, she had taken out the stitches again. Maybe this time when she comes back from the vet tomorrow she will remember to bring me some treats. Maybe she will have one of those collar things on and we can laugh at her.

Bella is just laughing at us. She has not caught the cough, she has no stitches. She still thinks she is the queen.

Mogley G. Retriever

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