Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A trip to the vet

Monday morning we took Alexis and Sophie over to see the Doctor. According to the history we were given on Alexis, she had never been to a vet, had never had any shots. When we arrived the first thing the nurse did was take their history. Sophie was easy, she was pretty current on her shots and she had no known problems. They were weighed. Sophie was only 45 pounds. Alexis weighed 83 pounds, which is a lot for her height. She should weigh about 68 pounds. They are really going to have to cut back on the treats for her.

When we arrived back at the clinic to get them late that afternoon, both Alexis and Sophie were pretty sleepy. Sophie had been tranquilized so they could clean out the huge plugs of goop in her ear channels. Her ears looked fine from a normal inspection, but way down at the bottom they were plugged up. She was still groggy from that and she walked funny on the leash, swaying back and forth, she looked like a sailor on a Saturday night.

Alexis was very quiet. They decided to spay her, so she has a couple stitches we have to watch. Close inspection of her back legs disclosed that her knee joints are weak and her front left shoulder is not strong. That explains why she does not run hard like the rest of us. The Doctor said she has pain from her joints. They gave us some pills to make her joints feel better.

Sophie and Alexis were both so sleepy that they had to be lifted into the car. They slept most of the way home. We dropped Sophie off at her house where she woke up long enough to grab some toys away from Emma and Piper. When Alexis arrived home she went to sleep under the humans feet. When dinner time arrived, she did not want to eat dinner. They gave her her pain pill with some peanut butter and some water to wash it down. Alexis slept very well all night long.

In the morning, Alexis was really hungry, she enjoyed her breakfast. We both had our morning peanut butter pills. After a few minutes when the pain pill too effect, Alexis became a new girl. She wanted to chase the squirrel, before she had watched it closely but she did not run after it. Those pills must be great stuff. She is still sleeping a lot, and she is not allowed to run for a few days. She is on the way to a better life now that we know how her joints are and she has pills to make them better.

It will be a few days before we worry about finding her a new home, she needs to rest up and heal a little more. Then she will be ready to come to your house and play.

Mogley G. Retriever

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