Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good By, Alexis

This is how we will remember Alexis, she is watching for a squirrel to come down the tree. This picture is a few minutes before she had to leave us to go to her new forever home.

Thursday noon the humans drove Alexis over to meet someone who was heading north towards Casper Wyoming. Alexis was sad to go, she was settled in here and we could have kept her very easily. She was a wonderful friend. We sent the rest of her medications along with detailed instructions on her needs. She likes tummy scratches and she likes to rest with her head on your feet. We will miss her a lot.

My life is getting better. My appetite has returned but don't tell my humans. When I was sick they tried to bribe me to eat by sprinkling shredded cheese on my food. It worked, now they want to stop just because my appetite is better. I have to refuse to eat before each meal until they give me my cheese sprinkles on my food.

I am still jumping in the swimming pool regularly and getting locked out of the house regularly until I dry off. I don't know why the humans get upset, it is clean water. They call in a swimming pool, if I did not swim in it no one would be in it for days at a time.

We will not have another foster dog until we are sure there is no danger of anyone catching kennel cough. Life will be quiet until someone new arrives. Alexis will be hard to replace in our lives, she set a very high standard when it comes to being a wonderful foster friend.

We wish Alexis a wonderful life and we hope she sees many wonderful sunsets over the plains and mountains of Wyoming. We wish her a back yard full of slow squirrels. We wish her streams to wade in and meadows to run on. We wish her a warm place by the fire when the snow blows and the praries turn white. Good Luck on your journey Alexis, may it be a long one.

We wish you the best of everything;
Mogley, Bella, three cats and the humans.

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  1. Dear Mogley,

    My new humans are writting this for me because I am still having issue with my typing and are not here to type it for me.

    I am doing well here in Wyoming!!! I have a large house to call my own, the humans have a tile floor it the is very cool on my belly and I love to sleep there!!. I have been here for almost two days now and we have been on short walks around the block and also out to a big open feild where I ran and chased bugs--it was fun..

    I am getting to know the resident cats...they, of course, are hiding and I do not know when they will come out--silly cats!!!.

    I think about you often and the pool and what fun we had---hopefully I will go swimming soon--it is hot out, thank heavens for the AC!!

    I just wanted you to know that I am doing great--my leg is healing so well and that my humans have fallen madley in love with me...They are always loving and brushing me and telling me what a good girl I am--I could have told them that!!!

    Take care Mogley, I will try to send you some photos of my new adventure.

    Alexis "Allie Girl" (thats what the humans call me now--I like it-)