Sunday, October 19, 2008

Calling all dogs!, Part two

Everyone has read terrible stories about dogs rescued from terrible and dangerous situations, but we don't expect them to be this close to home. The next rescue that came to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) is a terrible story. Mary wrote a long message to the members and volunteers describing what happened. It began with a message on the surrender hot line. Here is a portion of Mary's e-mail message:

"A woman and her family found a senior Golden who had been dumped in a field. They called GRRR and wanted us to take him in, they knew that the owner had lied to the vet and his kids. He told the vet he had euthanized the dog and the kids that the dog, Brodie, died in the field. Well, he's a liar... Animal Control had just left with Brodie when I called her back to let them know we would love to have Brodie. The ACO wanted to take Brodie with him as they were going to pursue abuse/neglect charges on the owner. The ACO asked if they would like to sign the release of ownership to the shelter as they were pursuing neglect/abuse charges. The owner signed him over. But as he did this, he told the ACO that he had given Brodie sleeping pills to kill him and then took him and dumped him in the field and thought he was dead."

Brodie was released to GRRR where he was given a vet check up, several small growths were taken off. Brodie was then taken to a foster home where they report he is playing non-stop with an Australian Sheep dog that the family had picked up at the same time, (GRRR also coordinates Aussie rescues).

The Animal Control officer is pursuing charges against the owner for his attempt to kill the Brodie. They say that "all is well that ends well", to us a good ending for this rescue will be when the former owner ends up being punished for his actions and Brodie finds a loving forever home, maybe with his Aussie friend with him. That would truly be a Golden ending.

This is not the end of the new dogs coming into rescue. The volume of dogs that are in need of new homes is becoming greater by the day. Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Rescue Chronicles.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hi Mogley,

    We are so saddened to read these stories of such deplorable treatment of these innocent dogs! Thank goodness for concerned citizens and GRRR! Usually our mom gets these emails from Mary but she says she didn't get this one for some reason. We noticed too that there are a LOT of doggies looking for homes on the GRRR website (and that's not usually all of them!) so we join with you and give a shout out to anyone looking to share their life with a loving Golden in Colorado -- let's get these babies some homes!

    Riley and River

  2. We hear horrible/funny stories all the time. My mom has been in rescue for 20 years. The worst is the one she hears most often--IF YOU DON'T TAKE THEM I'M TAKING THEM TO THE SHELTER (where they will be killed most likely in our area). We can't imagine Goldens so unsocialized they hide--we can't IMAGINE someone deliberately trying to kill one. They are the sweetest dogs on the planet and my mom is including beagles. Bless you all for working so hard to fulfill the humans' destiny--humans bred animals to be dependent, it is therefore humans responsibility to care for us all our lives.

    love & wags,

  3. Hi Mogley--
    My name is Victoria, and I stumbled across your blog while searching for supporters of animal adoption & rescue. I'm working on an animal adoption campaign called Home 4 the Holidays, whose goal this year is to find "forever homes" for 1 million dogs, cats, and other shelter animals. As an adopted dog yourself, we'd love to have your support for the Home 4 the Holidays campaign on your blog & to share it with your friends over at the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies! To learn more about participating shelters near you for Home 4 the Holidays, click here:

    It would be great to have you & your blog onboard & helping to raise awareness of this program. Please email me at for more information, and thank you so much for your time and consideration!
    Keep up the good work,

  4. That is so heartbreaking. What in the he** is wrong with people? Sleeping pills? Dumped in a field and left to die? It really makes you wonder about humanity when you read stuff like this.

    I am so glad this dog was saved and has a new friend to boot. I hope the former owner is prosecuted to the full extent of the law and I hope his kids find out what kind of "man" (if you can still call him that) their father really is.

  5. Hey Mogley,
    We hate to break the news that these stories are unique to Colorado. What ever happened to responsible pet ownership. Our mom and dad say that when times get tough we all have to share the burden; people and pets. No dumping dogs or abandoning kitties; share what we have even if it's less than we like. We're all God's creatures and your stories prove that not all people are evolved.
    - TBH