Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween is coming

The Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies annual Halloween Party and Reunion Picnic is on Sunday, October 26th. Did you miss the wonderful picnic at the lake? Well, don't miss this! The world is going to the dogs, and this is where all the dogs are going!

All year long Bella and I have been wearing our disguises as mild mannered Golden Retrievers. At Halloween we can take off our disguises and appear as we really are; Santa's ReinDogs. Last year we exposed the whole Santa and Reindeer hoax.

For our new readers, here is the true story! Santa has always used Golden Retrievers, known as Reindogs, to pull his sleigh. There is overwhelming proof available. Deer have sharp hooves that could never stand on a steep roof, the soft pads on our feet keep us from sliding off roofs and keep Santa safe on his rounds. All of the pictures of Santa and the Reindogs show strong, handsome, golden colored animals pulling the sleigh. We all know that Donner and Blitzen are dogs names, not deer names. Deer are named John Deer or Bambi, not Prancer and Vixen. In order to "fetch" toys and gifts to all the girls and boys, Santa needs a team of golden Retrievers for the job. Do you really think a deer knows how to fetch? Man's best friend brings presents and gifts, not deer. How do you think dogs became man's best friend if not by delivering gifts? When did you see a deer bringing you a present? Who do you think eats all of the cookies people leave out? Deer eat hay, Reindogs eat cookies. I will admit that too many cookies give me indigestion, so this year I hope more people set out dog treats instead.

The reason Reindeer get all of the photo publicity shots is that they have better agents and they work for hay. We are interviewing agents to get us better parts in the movies. Hollywood has used reindeer instead of reindogs just because they work for a lower wage. We may not deliver presents to Hollywood this year!

If you still doubt that Reindogs pull Santa's sleigh every Christmas Eve, just look at how many Reindeer were entered in last year's Iditarod Sled dog race? It takes a dog to pull a sleigh.

Remember that famous Christmas Carol poem? It was written by a poodle owner that did not want to use Reindogs in his poem because he knew it referred to Golden Retrievers, not to poodles. He may have been using poetic license because "eight tiny Reindeer" rhymed better than "Eight beautiful Reindogs".

This Halloween, we are going to attend the annual Golden Retriever Rescue Halloween Party and Reunion as our real selves, Reindogs. No costumes for us, just our good looking coats. Santa Clause has agreed to attend with us to vouch for our authenticity. He says he is getting tired of all those pesky deer hanging around trying to horn their way into his pictures, he says they have bad breath. Last year the first prize for the best costume was a large basket of dog treats, I can already taste them.

To see an invitation to the party, go to:
Not a member of Golden Rescue? Join at the door for $25.00! Just don't miss out on the fun!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley, thank you so much for clearing up the myth about Santa's "deer." We Goldens over here know the truth too and are glad you put it out there!

    Have fun at your Halloween party and make sure you spread the word about reindogs there, too!

    benson and gibson

  2. You know, I think you're right! Do you also have Olive the other reindeer? She's a dog, too, looks more like a beagle to me though!

    love & wags,

  3. Hey Mogley,

    You sure are good at clearing up all the misconceptions out there about dogs, cats, Santa and his reindeer, etc. Thanks for staying on top of things! Mom says she is not sure if we are going to the Halloween party. She says she has a lot to do. She just got back from Kansas -- she left us for a week with our vet tech dog sitter. She is great -- gives us extra treats and lets us sleep on the bed with her and the cats. Mom doesn't let us do that. But... we're glad Mom is home anyway. Have fun with your cousins and keep writing those blogs!

    Riley and River