Saturday, October 18, 2008

Calling all dogs!

I was first terrified, then horrified, then I hide my eyes under my paws. My human received a very long letter from Mary at Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) which he left up on the screen for me to read. Mary wrote a long message about several very disturbing rescues that had recently been handled.

I have written about many fun rescues, and a few disturbing ones, but none as wrenching as what has recently happened. The first rescue she described concerns an advertising flyer for a farm auction sale. It listed chickens, livestock, and three Golden Retrievers. Rescues do not pay for dogs as a rule, but members quickly volunteered to cover the cost if GRRR could get possession of the Goldens at the auction. A volunteer agreed to attend the auction and bid on the three Goldens for GRRR. She successfully bought them for the Rescue after some bidding. The three Goldens were being housed in a muddy pen in deplorable conditions. When the rescue volunteers approached the Goldens to take them home, the dogs laid down in the mud and tried to hide, a typical response from dogs that have not been socialized and are not used to human interaction.

Can you even imagine what had to happen to make three Golden Retrievers hide from people? We are talking Golden Retrievers here, you know, the ones that greet you at the door with a rush! Golden Retrievers that beg you to throw a ball so they can play fetch with you! Golden Retrievers that lick your face and hands to show love. Golden Retrievers that will lay their head on your leg and worship you with their eyes as you relax in your easy chair. Instead, these Goldens were so scared that they wanted to hide from human contact. Goldens that were being sold like used lawnmowers and laying hens.

Have we forgotten about that phrase "Man's Best Friend" that we can treat 3-4 year old Goldens like used books or broken pots in a garage sale?

Thanks to GRRR three lost Goldens are on their way to new homes. Thanks GRRR and all of the other rescue organizations that rescue, care for and re home dogs every day.

This is not the worst case Mary told us about. I will write about a second case when I have recovered, you will be shocked!

If you don't work in rescue, call your local rescue and volunteer. Find your local rescue and donate time and money to help rescue dogs. The economy is getting worse, people are abandoning dogs and cats in greater numbers. We need your help more now than ever. Volunteers transport dogs, walk dogs, evaluate them, train them and help find new homes for them. Volunteers write newsletters, schedule events, recruit volunteers, clean kennels, exercise dogs and play with them to help them transition to a new life. Join us, it will brighten your day and it will save a dogs life.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley - That story completely breaks my heart. I am thankful that places like GRRR exist to save those poor Goldens, and give them the love they deserve. Your friend, Farley

  2. Thank God for the people at GRRR. Mogley I have read all your posts about these wonderful people and finally this is enough for me to call and make a donation to them. If I lived in Colorado still I would volunteer but I live in Ohio now so I can't. I'm so glad you are here to get the word out about places like GRRR. Thank you.

  3. My heart came out for you mogley! My wishes are with you always. I will look in Pet Supplies and will name it after you and keep it with me forever.

  4. Mogley,
    Boy what a dispicible situation. Unfortunately we know what you're talking about. Our folks work with Almost heaven Golden Retriever rescue and Sanctuary in Delray, WV and they have heard some really terrible stuff that they won't even talk to us about. It's a good thing that there are GRReat organizations to help the lest fortunate pups. GOD BLESS THEM. EVERYONE.
    - TBH