Thursday, October 9, 2008

Five again!

We are five dogs again. It is so much fun to have my cousins back for a sleep over for a few days. They said they will stay here until they move into the new house. We have not been able to take in new foster dogs until our cousins are safely in their new home. It is more fun to play with our friends than it is to play with strangers. New foster dogs are sometimes so scared and shy for the first few days. Emma, Piper and Molly are not shy, they come in and are right at home. Here is a picture of four dogs at play. You probably can't find four, just the tip of one tail is visible. But we sure are having a good time.

Piper and Molly had to jump on the pool cover to make sure there was no water where they used to swim. The humans yelled at them. It was no fun because there was no water to splash in anyway.

Does anyone know when summer will be here again? I miss my pool.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hey Mogley,
    We always say "the more the merrier." Of course we have 8 dogs so we're pretty merry. Our Dad is doing a rescue transport of a golden coming up from Elizabethtown, NC. His name is Goldie and he was at a high kill shelter and just like Princess Lea he was scheduled to be terminated. He got save though and will be going up to Almost Heaven Golden retriever Rescue & Sanctuary in Delray WV. Our dad will meet his rescuers in Richmond Saturday morning and take Goldie all the way up to AHGRR. AHGRR will find Goldie a furever home.
    - TBH

  2. That's a lot of goldens! Too bad about the pool--it's so much fun to look at pictures of all of y'all swimming. I really like the one of hundred in the lake.

    love & wags,

  3. Hi Mogley,

    Gotta tell you that your blog is sunshine on a foggy day.

    You make pups and persons smile!

    Tail wags : ))