Friday, November 27, 2009

A very good Thanksgiving dinner

This morning I want to share with you a guest blog. Our fellow foster and rescue friends and swimming buddies, Evie, wrote me about her special Thanksgiving. Evie knows how to celebrate!

Dear Mogley,

Your friend Evie here. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. We started out the day by getting put in the dog house! Our mom spent the evening yesterday making these round things she called pies. There were two of them. Boy did they smell good. The word was that they were not for dogs and they had to go to the big dinner today. We weren't invited to the big dinner. Well, mom had these two pies in a box on the dining room table all ready to go. She was drying her hair and dad was off in the shower. Well, do you remember the scene from Christmas story where the Bumpass Hounds got in the house while the turkey was on the table? Shades of the movie all over again. One of the three of us, and we aren't telling who, got the box off the table and Sarg, Sorsha and I all had pie! Everyone is right they are very good. There was a slight problem. We ate all the pie except for parts of the triple berry and pumpkin pies that were all over mom's coat, hand embroidered table cloth, and cream colored carpet. We thought it was very colorful but mom didn't agree. I can't tell you in print what mom said when she saw the mess, but we were put outside and the dog doors were locked. We had to stay outside all day. Mom and Dad said something about us being sick or worse getting the dreaded trots. We wouldn't have an accident in the house as we are too well trained for that but things happen when you eat an entire triple berry pie and a pumpkin pie. Mom said she had cleaned enough carpet for one day. We tried to blame the cats, but mom said the raspberry red spots on our paws was a dead give away. Fortunately all the raspberry, blue berry, and black berry stains came out of everything. For those of you who don't live around here don't worry, it was a beautiful warm sunny day, our water bowl was full and we had our beds outside with us so we weren't being mistreated. We didn't get any turkey, but we sure did have dessert!

Your Friend Evie

PS, we are going to need to swim lots of laps in the pool when warm weather gets here again to work off all the extra calories.

Evie, it is wonderful that you got to eat the pies and you received no punishment. It was 70 degrees in Denver on Thanksgiving day, so being locked outside was a real treat as well. Good planning gang.

Mogley G. Receiver


  1. I know how Evie's mom feels - sometimes you don't need a surprise right before dinner!

  2. Oh Boy;

    I thought it was bad when my sister Sophie stole a dinner roll out of the basket.


  3. Oh what a scene that would have been!
    We had a little 'accident' with the pecan and pumpkin pies at our gathering....

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  4. I firmly believe that it is every dog's right to sample some pie. At least it was delicious and you appreciated it, right Evie? Love, Farley

  5. WOWZA! Good score! We haven't counter surfed in such magnitude EVER!

  6. WELL, the idea! We DID NOT break into the neighbors kitchen and eat their turkey. Jubal did eat one of mom's pumpkin pies last year and we posted the photo evidence on our blog then. Evie must realize that if ya do the crime, ya do the time. Should have picked a fall guy to take the heat.
    - The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties