Friday, September 3, 2010

Eight Goldens for a wild play day!

Above, Roxie is too cute!
It has been a wild day at the dog house.    If someone says that "You are in the dog house", that is a good thing, take our word for it.     We have been playing, running, playing bit face, wrestling, playing tug-o-war and having more fun than you can have without a squirrel up a tree and we even had one of those.  The only photos were when we stopped for treat time and all eight of us had to sit for our treats.
The family portrait includes Me, Bella, Emma, Molly, Piper and our three fosters, Nala, Stella and Roxie. 

Below, Stella (left), Roxie (center), and Molly take a pause in running to pose for a photo.

Below, when treats are handed out, Nala is at the head of the line.    What good is it to be the senior foster if you can't use your position to go to the head of the line?    Nala is still shedding the heavy coat she had after spending the winder outdoors,  we are going to knit a new golden from the bags and bags of hair she has given us.    We don't understand why she has not been adopted.   She is so sweet and she is so beautiful and loving. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I wish
    I wish
    I wish

    I khould have been there to add some of my hair to Nala's khontributions!

    Happy FrEYEday!


  2. 8 dogs in one house? The tall guy said he was just go ahead and leave and let the dogs have the place to themselves! :)

  3. What a happy looking group, 8 Goldens, that is just about the best thing in the whole world.

    Hamish & Sophie

  4. The pictures says it all! That doesn't look like a play day, that looks more like a blow out. Everybody in the picture is dry so we guess the pool was closed for the day.

    We cannot understand it either that Nala hasn't been adopted yet. She looks almost like our sister Lady, the senior, which mommie claims is her blessing. Don't worry Nala, the perfect forever home for you is right around the corner.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  5. I can't wait to see the Nala sweater you knit, and glad that she now knows the love of being brushed and cared like a girl deserves.

  6. Oh wow, Neeli is drooling with envy - 8 Goldens and she wasn't there! You guys looked like you had so much fun playing - hopefully you went swimming too?

    Nadine Apples & Neeli