Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An update on happenings

Above, the new Nala, she is still losing her heavy winter coat.  Compare her coat above with the coat below.   The coat below is from when she was an "outdoor" dog, having spent the winter outdoors in the snow and cold in Colorado. 

We have been remiss in keeping our blog up to date.    So here goes a lot in a short time.

First, on Saturday we had a very tragic event.    The swimming pool was covered for the winter.   We did not even get a farewell swim.    When they went to Wyoming for a trip they forgot to tell our cousins, who house sat and dog sat, to put chemicals in the pool.   The pool turned a very pretty green color, more of an emerald green than a grass green.   They added so many chemicals to the water that they considered it dangerous for us to swim in.   They finally just covered it and decided to start out again in the spring.   It turns out one of the problems was that the pool filter was so clogged with dog hair that the filter did not work, water was bypassing the filter.    They took a huge trash can of dog hair out of the filter when they cleaned it out for the winter. 

Sunday we had a few friends over for fun and games.   Our cousins were having a picnic at their home, over 50 guests, and they did not want to share their food with their Golden friends.   Emma, Molly, Piper and Nala came to spend the day.    We did have fun, we dug several new holes in the back yard while everyone was off at the picnic.   If they have any old cars they want to hide, they are in luck now.   Otherwise they may have to bring in a back hoe to fill up the holes.

Then after the picnic our cousins went home, home to a yard filled with picnic droppings and snack remains.   One of our humans even dropped a cake in the back yard, there was lots of cake and frosting in the grass and rocks.    They sent a message back, "Too bad you were not here, we all had frosting on our whiskers when we cleaned up". 

Below, Nala, Bella, Myself (Mogley) and Stella, wait for our afternoon treat.
Nala stayed here with us.   She has someone that is considering taking her as a long term or perhaps as a permanent foster.   Nala is deaf, she is losing her sight, she is limping a little from her age, and she needs a home with few stairs.   She is such a wonderful lady, we want her in a home while she can still learn her way around.   She is funny, she woofs quietly when she wants to go outside, then it increases in volume until it becomes a bark.   She likes the dog door, but she finds it easier to ask humans to let her in and out, she uses the dog door when she wants to just run in the back yard.

Nala is busy shedding her "outdoor dog" coat and growing her new "Pampered Golden" coat.   After spending a year or more living in the outdoors, braving the snow and the cold, she has been shedding for months.   She still gets brushed twice a day and each time a bag of hair comes off.   In the "before" photos above, she looks like a rusty sheep with her bushy coat.   Now she is looking more and more like a pampered pooch.    We are sure glad she is with us now and not banished as an outdoor dog any more.  We sure like her, we hope she gets a forever home soon.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I hope she finds a warm and wonderful home soon too!

  2. We are sure glad Nala is with you now too, Mogley. Come on someone, take her home...I can't!

  3. Nala sounds like out sister Lady. She was brought to Florida in mid Summer and dumped on a relative that didn't want her. She was shedding her coat past Christmas. Mommie was supposed to foster her but knew in 30 minutes she would never let go of her. She was already almost deaf then, had problem with seeing and had a hip problems. That was 2 years ago, and mommie called her already then her blessing -- that you only get once in a lifetime. Whoever gets Nala will be a very lucky person.

    Thank you for the story about the pool, the color of the pool and the chocked up filter pump with the garbage can full of dog hair. Mommie can't stop laughing and we are waiting for her to feed us.

    Mogley, thank you for all the wonderful stories and pictures, they are deeply appreciated here.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend was had by all, sorry about your pool, but I guess it is better for it to happen now that next spring when you want to use it.
    Hope Nala has good luck with her possible permanent foster.

    Hamish & Sophie

  5. Oh Mogley, I'm so glad everyone has just been busy. I was worried not hearing from you for what seemed forever. Poor Nala. I don't want to be outside without my humans. I can't imagine being left outside alone, even for a few minutes. So glad she has a happier future.
    Hawk aka Brown Dog

  6. I think Nala was doing her best to be ME - save fur the ears!

    How tragikhk 'bout the khlosing of the pool -

    I'm glad woo helped loosen up the soil fur the khoming autumnal season!

    Paws khrossed that Lady Nala finds her furever khastle!

    PeeEssWoo: It would have been furry nice to see that khan-o-GR-fur!

  7. So nice to see Nala getting her pampered girl fur, and that is soooo cute about the door :) Mogley, we're real sorry you didn't get a farewell swim. That will make next Spring so much more special!

  8. Scarlet G. RetrieverSeptember 15, 2010 12:10 AM


    I have a similarly green pool, although my parents are still letting me use it. Since I dream of launching into clear water, let me know if your dad comes up with a solution for the filter hair problem.

    This is my first time writing, but I am a big fan.


  9. We voted - you had the funniest comment on our blog today. Made us really laugh.

  10. Hi Mogley
    We're so glad that you're helping Nala out - she deserves a nice home for her older years. Hopefully, someone is waiting for her. Nala, you look so pretty with your new coat coming through - good luck!

    Nadine Apples & Neeli