Saturday, September 18, 2010

A real "who dunit?"

Above, Bella and I are caught in the act, eating black berries.

A theft occurred at our home in the recent days.   Last year the resident chauffeur planted some blueberry and black berry bushes along the side fence.   We were told to protect them from the squirrels so that the berries would not get stolen.

We take our guard dog duties very seriously.    We worked day and night to make sure the blueberries and blackberries were not stolen by any marauding squirrel.   Bella even called in reinforcements, Stella and Nala helped out by taking shifts watching the berry patch.

The berries were ripening very well, the blueberries were first, they had a good crop for the first full year of the bushes.   Then they all disappeared.   We are sure that a squirrel snuck in and nabbed the berries.  Probably waited till we were at the dog park, they are pretty sneaky, those squirrels.   Now the blackberries are ripe.   The chauffeur quietly went out this morning with a bowl, he was planning on picking some berries for breakfast.

This is what he saw.   He said that he was very disappointed in Bella and I when he discovered that we were eating the berries.  It is his fault, he should have slammed the door or made more noise when he left the house, then he would not have caught us in the act.

I pointed out that the grocery store was having a sale on berries, as a bonus, they are already picked.   We saved him a lot of work.   He can just open the box and eat them without even leaving his kitchen.   In fact, he has to open the package and eat without leaving his kitchen, Bella and I just finished the last ones in the garden. 

I seem to recall something similar happening when they last planted tomatoes in the garden, they all dissapeared.   I was caught sniffing them and they accused me of eating them.   Well, I did have a little catchup on my lips, but that was left over from breakfast.   Now they plant sunflowers, very tall sunflowers, I wonder what those big yellow blooms tast like?

Mogley G. Retriever  


  1. They nevFUR evFUR appreciate the hard work we do so they don't have to!


  2. The way The Herd loves to eat all of the wild berries during our hikes, they might be suspects.

  3. I didn't know you guys liked berries! That's fun!

  4. Mogley, are your blackberries jes comin' in? Heck, at the shore they came in so long ago that...they were done before we came to the mtns for the summer. In the mountains they were done shortly after our arrival. I love to eat them too!!! We have so many and they grow wild so nobody cares! Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. Oh Mogley, it's all "their" fault for sneaking up on you when you and Bella just had such a good time guarding the berries. We thing guarding and eating them is really the same thing. Don't you think so? Here in the Panhandle of Florida the blueberry bushes get 8 feet tall, at least. So mommie was always glad we picked the bottom ones, that way she didn't have to bend over.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.
    PS:special kiss to Nala.

  6. Hi Mogley
    This is Neeli the golden writing - I pick my own pears & apples in my back yard! Mommy says I should wait until they ripen more, but what's the fun in waiting when you can pick some every day & nibble!

    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  7. No berries for me! But glad you guys had fun! :-)

  8. Hey Mogley,
    You guys are just being Goldens, all Goldens, including us have never met a fruit we did not like.
    You do need strength for your guarding duties, and why leave your post when you can snack right there.

    Hamish & Sophie