Thursday, September 2, 2010

The wild bunch! Roxie comes to visit

Above, Welcome Roxie.

Tonight Verna had to go to the groomer which is near the vet's office.   Verna will get a bath, then spend the night with the Golden group, then she will go to the vet for her check up in the morning.   She has several cysts, maybe a bad tooth, dirty ears, and stiff hips.   So she will spend the day and come out clean, and ready to go.    Several people have offered to foster her, so she will go to a new foster home from there.    She was a wonderful lady and we will miss her, she was such a nice, mellow Golden.  
 Below, Roxie checks out Mini Cat.
When the Chauffeur returned he had Roxie.    Roxie is a tiny, 9 month old lady that had been adopted out in Sheridan Wyoming, she did not get spayed in time and she had a litter of puppies already.   She ended up back in rescue again.  The local rescue managed to adopt out her puppies, but they sent her down for us to place.   That took place almost immediately, she has a forever home on a farm outside of Denver, but she can't go there till Tuesday.    She needed a place to stay until she can go to her new forever home.   
She is wild.   Most fosters take a day or two to settle in and begin playing.     Roxie started wrestling, chasing, running and playing with us within an hour.    She had so much energy and excitement that she needed to burn off, that she turned the house and the yard into a circus.   In the photos she is the dark red one.   Where ever she goes, she will sure liven up the home.    She is so cute and so excited, see the photos and enjoy our romp with her. 

As a bonus, our four cousins are coming tomorrow to spend the day, we are told the swimming pool will be open and we can have a huge party.   Look out, we are truly going to have a wild two days.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Dang!

    How I wish I khould khome romp and have some WILD fun with all of woo!

    Khongrats to Roxie!


  2. It's a shame that puppies are having puppies!!!
    I love the pictures of the puppies playing!!

  3. She is just a healthy pup! I'm glad the rescue got her - she doesn't need to be having more pups when she is just a baby herself!


  4. Sounds like you are going to have a Blast this weekend, have fun, stay safe.

    Hamish & Sophie