Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A great day for a picnic, part two

Above, another early photo, before everyone had arrived.  

It was such a wonderful day at the GRRR Reunion Picnic, that we can't adequately describe it.   The Goldens and Honorary Goldens had fun, the humans had fun, it was a win-win day.   We all played together while the humans walked the shore trying to keep dry, an impossible task,    Our humans hid in the tent with their food, trying to keep us from tripping them and getting the sandwich when it hits the ground.   I was thrown out of the food tent several times, I was even pulled out of the trash cans where I was looking for recyclables.  
Then came the great ball toss.   We all had to get out of the water and wait on shore, well most of us did, some did not want to come to shore for any reason.   Then the balls were thrown and the retrievers were released.  There were dozens of balls in the water, I did not care which ones had marks on them, I only cared if they were worth swimming for.   If someone else was headed for it, then it was worth swimming for.   If no one wanted a ball, then we just went on by, swimming out to the next one.

By then I was getting pretty tired.  I brought a couple balls in, then I found the chauffeur and had him unlock the car, I had to rest.   Nala joined me, she was tiring out as well.  For several days before the picnic we went to the 5 mile dog park.  We wanted to see if Stella and Nala would stay with the pack.   Stella stayed very close so we knew she would be good at the picnic.  Nala kept wandering off.  Her ears and eyes don't work very well so she follows her nose.  We had to keep looking for Nala, she would be off in heavy brush sniffing away.   I ran and ran at the big dog park, then I suddenly was running too hard and I would have to lie down for a while, this worried everyone a lot.   My heart could not keep up with me.   The human had several conversations with medical types, should he let me go to the picnic?  It was finaly decided that I enjoyed the picnic enough to be worth the risk that I would hurt myself.   My subaeortic stenosis was not going to go away, I would just have to slow down a little.   So slow I did, I went to the car and rested a while and then rejoined the party.   

Below, the four of us are ready to go home.   We slept all the way home, we had dinner and we slept very well all night long.  
Our regret is that we will not have another picnic at the lake until next year.   We will still have our Halloween party and several more, but nothing as much fun as this party.    Next year, you should schedule your vacation so that you too can attend.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley,
    What a wonderful day, so many happy Goldnes and wonderful people.
    We love you guys.
    God Bless

    Hamish & Sophie & their Mom & Dad
    Sheila and Bob

  2. I think I need to mark my calendar for that!

  3. It's almost like looking at pikhs of those Virginia ponies!


  4. Ah, Mogley. what a wonderful day for all of you. I bet the chauffeur was pretty tired too. What a treat to see old friends and fosters that have now a forever home. I just can see us there too. Lady could wander around with Nala. I bet they would be best friends.

    We love your pictures, we love your stories. Keep it up.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  5. Hi Mogley
    Neeli keeps telling me she wants to come to your picnics! Maybe next year?? We're glad you and the gang had so much fun!

    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  6. Wow, does that look like fun. Lady would love that. All that water and a ton of Golden playmates.

  7. I'm working on my humans, Mogley! I keep tellin' 'em no I'm the right color, no one
    'd ever notice I'm the wrong breed!
    Y'all have so much fun, I can't wait 'til next the next edition!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. Holy Golden Holiday - looks road trip worthy.
    Ben and the Fellas

  9. I would love to have that many Golden friends! Tucker

  10. I will never get over the great ball toss, and all those perfect doggies enjoying life :)