Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Update, dogs and a big fire.

We have lots of news to report.   First, our foster, Roxie, went across town to meet with her new Forever Home.   This cute little lady will have a wonderful life on a farm outside of Denver.  She will be in charge of keeping the livestock in control.   We think she will do a wonderful job of livening up the place.   She livened up this home while she was here, and she will be missed. 

We stopped on the way and picked up Rosie (Boxer) and Willow.   They needed help finding new homes.  Their home is undergoing change and four children plus the two dogs was too much for their family to cope with.   We were given notice last night that we needed to pick them up, but then Rosie cut her foot and had to be rushed to the vet.   They have a foster home in Golden where they can be together, it will help them settle down.

Then we have some very bad news.  There is a huge wildfire in the mountains immediately west of Boulder, it is burning homes in the mountain foot hills and closing roads in the area.   This is a tragedy for hundreds of homeowners who's homes are already lost or in danger of burning.  Our picnic is scheduled for Sunday at Boulder Reservoir.  But the reservoir is now being used as a fire staging area, for fire fighters and equipment from all over the West, so it is closed to public access.   Helicopters are dropping buckets into the reservoir for water to drop on the fire.  We have to wait and see if the fire is controlled in time to hold the picnic.  With the fire still growing and zero percent controlled, it is not likely that we will be able to hold the picnic as planned.    We hope the fire gets controlled quickly, but the weather report does not give much hope, winds are forecast, humidity is under 15% and there is very low chance of rain.   The fire is not going to be put out easily, and once it is controlled it will be days before all of the hot spots can be extinguished. 

The Boulder Human society is taking in dozens of dogs and cats from the fire area, the county fairgrounds had over 50 horses that have been evacuated.  The fire has grown to over 7,000 acres and growing.  So far over 3,000 families are evacuated and their homes are in danger.   Our prayers and thoughts are with them.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Great news fur Roxie -

    We've been watching the fire story from here - we've got a blog pal that is safe fur now but she's getting to watch it all from her vista - she's been sharing pikhs on her blog but for now, her internet is out - a friend was letting her post from there -



  2. We saw the Boulder fire when we were watching the News with mommie. It looks pretty bad. Thank goodness for the Humane Society taking care of the animals.
    Good for Roxie finding a good forever home. We will be thinking of her.
    Tell us more about Rosie and Willow.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  3. Great News for Roxie & her forever home. Wildfires are very scary & tragic. Hope it can be gotten under control soon.
    We will keep all in our prayers & paws crossed

  4. GReat news for Roxie. Our thoughts and prayers are with all involved with the wildfires - may they be under control soon.

    Best wishes,
    Nadine Apples & Neeli

  5. I keep reading about this in the news. I hope they can contain it!