Monday, June 15, 2009

A foster story.

Our foster visitor, Duke, is a water dog. We did not know it, we thought he did not like the water. Last week end at our swim party he would not get in the water beyond his ankles. Today the humans were feeding the fish in the Koi pond. Duke smelled the food, then saw that the water was covered with it. He jumped in and managed to grab a few bites before he was ordered out of the pond. It should be an interesting night. He smells like fish, there is no time to give him a bath. He sleeps beside the bed. At least we won't have to smell the cats all night, their breath smells like fish anyway. It is cool at night so we sleep with the windows open which should help a lot.

Duke is a hand hog, he thinks that if a human hand is not petting him, then it is a wasted hand. He needs a home with a lot of hands, he can keep them all busy. We still have no home for Duke yet, we are holding out for a special home. It needs to be an active home, Duke is a well mannered but tightly wound spring. We go outside and run often just to run and enjoy being young. Duke would be so easy to train, he would make a wonderful forever friend.

When we turned Daisy over to her new forever home, we forgot to mention a few requirements for her new home. Daisy likes a soft dog bed, so be sure she has a large one. She will need one in the family room for daytime use and one in the bedroom for night. We all get tummy rubs, ear scratches, cheek and chin rubs twice a day if we are good, luckily, some days the human has a short memory. We also get peanut butter twice a day. I have to have pills twice a day which I get on the end of a finger with a dab of peanut butter. We can not discriminate, so everyone gets a peanut butter treat twice a day. It is part of our "sit/stay" training.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a successful weekend for adoptions. We are still overflowing, if you can volunteer with us, or with your local rescue group, they need your help. Near you there is a rescue with wonderful dogs sleeping alone on concrete, one call from you will help them find temporary and permanent homes.

One of the most heart warming stories is about the five "Honorary Golden's" GRRR took in. Five black lab puppy's, 24 days old were orphaned. The shelter did not have time to call around to all the possible rescue organizations, there were five hungry babies in immediate need, they called Golden Retriever Rescue knowing someone would be there fast. Our puppy team jumped to the task, took them in and is hand raising them. Thanks, for all you do.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. OMdog!
    GRRR is an amazing organization! All the baby puppies to hand feed. All the Goldens to foster. And Mogley, you keep us all up to date (and lol at your observations) on the real dog life!
    Thank you GRRR and all of your volunteers and, you to Mogley!!

    Tail Wags and bol,

  2. Hey Mogley,
    GReat blog story. We love peanut butter stuffed in the kongs. You haven't smelled foul cat breath until you've been next to Alex...YUCK. The lab puppies are lucky that GRR was there when called upon and needed. Did theye eventually get adopted?
    - TBH&K