Monday, June 29, 2009

Cloudy Swimming Pools

We have been having daily swims in the swimming pool. Piper, Molly and I are swim-aholics. Piper can swim as much as Pool G. Retriever. Piper gets in and will not come out until she is forced out. Since it was very warm yesterday, the resident human left her in to see how long she would stay. Piper won, after two hours he drug her out of the pool to dry off, she was trembling she was so tired.

The resident chauffeur claims we do it on purpose. When we go swimming, we immediately jump out, run down under the big trees and roll in the dirt. Then we run to the pool for a swim. The result is a very large dog shaped cloud of dirt in the pool each time we do this. Piper does not do this, she simply stays in the pool, all day long.

The human does not mind us swimming, he does get angry when we make the pool dirty by running back and forth between the dirt and the pool. My readers will understand how comfortable it is to roll in the dirt in a hot summer day, and throwing a swim into the package just makes the day extra special.

Does he really need to see the bottom of the pool? It has the same pattern on it as the rest of the pool. What is more important, a clear swimming pool or your dogs happiness? At least in the dry climate here in Denver, we dry off very quickly. A shake or two, a few minutes of toweling and we are ready to go.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Tell your human to build you a lake. When the tall guy takes me to the water, he doesn't mind how dirty it gets! :)

  2. Hey Mogley,
    When we go swimming in Lake Anna dad doesn't mind if we roll in the dirt. He just wants the last thing we do before we walk home is to get into the lake and then not roll in the dirt again because we all dry off on the walk home.
    - TBH&K