Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daisy and Duke

It is time to start interviewing for forever homes for Duke and Daisy. Daisy did not win her job as theater mascot. Another Golden Lady won the job and will have a very happy life being the mascot behind the scenes. We will tell more when we get the rest of the story on that adoption.

We do have several people that have expressed interest in both Duke and Daisy, so we are waiting for the rescue staff to schedule some visits to see if they are compatible.

Duke is such a sweet boy, he is a snuggler and he obeys very well. I will be glad to see him go, he keeps competing with me for attention. If I leave my place beside the rocking chair, he moves in immediately. The humans say he can be trained entirely by voice, no treats needed. A slight change in voice tone and he snaps to attention. He is really tuned into humans, he will be easy to move into a forever home, and he deserves a home where they understand that he is very sensitive. If they ever yell at him he will probably faint. He is forever happy, he loves life and he loves people. He is very well behaved, he does not jump on visitors, he sets a bad example for Bella and I, we love to give people a "Golden Welcome" at the door. The humans keep telling us to pay attention to how well behaved Duke and Daisy are, they want us to follow their example. When they leave, life will be easier for Bella and I.

Daisy is a love bug, she just hangs out looking for attention. She is sweet, well behaved and very easy to teach and very calm. No jumping on visitors, no pushing and shoving. Her bark is muted, and she does not bark often. She sleeps beside the bed, in my favorite spot.

We will be taking them both to meet prospective new families later this week. The Golden Retriever Rescue placement team has checked out the families, inspected their homes, checked references and determined that they are worthy of such wonderful friends as Daisy or Duke.

People ask us how we can be foster parents and give these wonderful Golden's up when it is time to move them on to a forever home. Being foster parents is easy. Giving up friends such as Daisy and Duke is the difficult part. It takes time to learn about them so that the new owners will know who they are adopting, but that same time is spent making them a part of our family. Wish us luck and wish Daisy and Duke a happy life in their new homes. We will keep everyone informed.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hi Mogley!

    Great post about Duke and Daisy. They sound like great dogs; I hope they find those perfect people this week! Our foster sister Lilly is still looking for her forever home too -- we are making sure she gets lots of exercise in the meantime so she will be slim and trim when that perfect person comes calling. We will miss her though!

    4 paws up for another great post!

    Riley and River (and Silly Lilly)

  2. I wish you luck and can't wait to see the look of happiness on Daisy and Duke's new family when they get to meet them.

  3. I've fostered and I've also been a failed foster mom. The only saving grace for me was that I knew my little bundles went into good homes...fur-ever homes.

    Each and every one of my fuzzy kids is a rescue...is there any other way?

  4. We're trying to catch up from the earliest to the latest so pardon our ignorance if our comments seem "stupid." We know it's tough to find a home for multiples. We've all got ou paws crossed.
    - TBH&K