Friday, June 19, 2009

Pool G. Retriever

A new foster, Pool G. Retriever, arrived at our house today. He was locked in a shed all winter long, when they found him they threw him directly in the pool. I tried to get acquainted with him but he would not come out to play. The humans will not allow me to jump in the pool, they want me to walk in down the steps, they have a fence on the steps, that keeps me from swimming all day every day. I expect to play with Pool G. Retriever later today when it gets warmer. He may not be much fun to play with, but boy can he swim!
Below is a photo of Duke, our current foster from Golden Retriever Rescue. Duke is very afraid of cameras and he runs when he sees one. It is very hard to get a photo of him. Yes, he has been shaved, his coat was terribly matted. A "before shave" photo is posted with his profile on the web site. He is ready for his new home, ask to see Duke when you visit

Below is an updated photo of Bella. She says she does not get mentioned on the blog often enough. This is a good photo of the queen of the house.

We may get to go run in the mountains this week end. That is lots of fun, but it really wears us out. Have a happy week end.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. What wonderful puppies! And don't worry, PDR will come around soon enough!

  2. I still think Duke looks handsome!!! In fact, I think he looks a lot like me! I know you full retrievers like the long coat look, but I get too woolly for that, and I think Duke looks really handsome! Alas, we live too far away, and we don't have a pool for him...

    *kissey face*

  3. those are two of the most precious pictures of Mogley. Bella looks very regal in her picture!!
    My Sophie has heart problems and has been restricted from ball playing and long walks. She is 13 and still wants to be a puppy, but tires very easily. I am sure it is hard to keep Mogley from wanting to play hard all of the time being so young.But, because of his heart condition it seems like he has to be restricted also. I was so happy to read that his heart check up went well a while back. He looks great.
    Sophie Ann's mom

  4. That Pool G. Retriever character is really something :o)

  5. Mogley - thanks for telling us the good stories of the doggies who come to stay with you. You do such great work - good picture of Duke!
    Hugs xo

  6. cute blog. will check back often.

  7. Mogley,

    Does Pool G. have any siblings? Where can I meet one?

  8. Hey Mogley,
    That Pool G.Retriever is quite a character. A friend of ours has one of his relatives living on his front yard. His name is Al E. Gator. Bella is right, she is too seldom mentioned and she is, after all, the queen. Duke has a ring tail. Mom and dad had a rescue, Old Bear Dog, that had to get shaved because his coat was so bad and it came back in just GReat.
    - TBH&K