Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daisy's new home

Below is one last picture of Daisy playing with her rubber duck. She wants people to realise that she is a real Golden Retriever, ready to fetch ducks at the drop of a Milk Biscuit.

We loaded up Daisy and Heidi this morning and headed to the kennels that Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) calls home. Heidi had been staying with another foster family nearby. Heidi had been at our swim party the week before, but she did not swim, she only waded in the water.

First came an appointment to introduce Heidi to a gentleman who had driven over the mountains from Glenn Wood Springs. He made the long trip just to meet Heidi, the trip was worth it. In minutes Heidi had made her wishes known and she was ready to make the trek back to her new home. The paper work was done and Heidi was in the back seat of the crew cab pickup, ready to go home.

The second meeting was with another couple that had driven several hundred miles to meet with Daisy. Golden Retriever Rescue does not hold dogs for people, if you want to adopt one, then you need to just do it. But they lived so far away, an exception was made so that the drive would not be in vain. Besides, they agreed to transport Jenny over the Continental Divide to deliver a needy dog to GRRR.

Below, Daisy hides my favorite toys from me.

When the new girl, Jenny, jumped out of the car at the GRRR kennels, we were shocked. Jenny is 11 years old and very skinny. Skinny is not the word for it, she looked like a caricature of a starving dog. Her hip bones sticking up were the highest things on her body. Her ribs were clearly visible. We offered her food, she did not want to eat. We offered her treats, she turned them down. Her next stop is the vet's office. We thank them for transporting her to the rescue, now we have to rescue her from whatever is wrong. That is what GRRR does!

Then they met Daisy. It was love at first pet. Daisy crawled into a lap and made herself at home. They looked at two other dogs, but none could compare to Daisy. Daisy headed back to Craig, Colorado. She will have a wonderful life in the wide open spaces and under the clear blue sky of the Colorado Western Slope.

Below, I inspect the damage Daisy did to two of my favorite toys.

Duke is still with us. He is not sure he wants to find a new home, he is settling in quite well. He still runs when he sees a camera, but in all other ways he is a wonderful foster brother. Still, we do need to get busy finding him a new home now that Daisy is on her way. We may update Duke's profile on the web. He is a much more responsive dog than we first thought. He listens and carries out commands after only one or two repetitions. He is setting a bad example for the rest of us.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Very happy for heidi and daisy and their new homes.
    So sad to hear about Jenny's condition. She sounds terribly depressed on top of all of her other problems.I am so grateful that GRRR is there to help her. She is safe now.
    Much love,

  2. Yeah Daisy!

    I love reading your blog because it always makes me happy when a puppy finds a new home!

    Thank you!

  3. I came here to read the happy stories of dogs finding homes to find that an eleven year old dog was brought into your rescue like a walking skeleton. My heart is breaking. How can someone have a dog for that long and not want to keep it and how can someone starve a dog. OK, it may have a medical condition that relates to the weight loss but my heart is still breaking.

    I do rescue here in Michigan and have seen so much and my heart never does stop breaking. When it does, then I need to get out of rescue.

  4. Hey Mogley,
    Great job finding Daisey a home. We're all hoping that Jenny will be OK and that she doesn't have anything serious wrong with her. We hereby award you another star for your BZ Award.
    - TBH&K