Sunday, June 7, 2009

A huge swim party

Several of our Golden friends from rescue came over and we had a huge swimming party. Swimming with the pups. We had 11 dogs, but only about 8 of them liked to swim. Several just waded on the top step of the pool.

Above, Mayhem was elected king, long may he rule! Daisy is on the far left, she is not to sure about swimming yet.

Above, I am on the left, with two friends playing fetch and racing back to deliver the balls so they can be thrown again.

Below I am on the left in a race to catch the tennis balls.

The party was cut short by a large black cloud with thunder in it. We all dried off and went inside before the hail struck and the rain started.

Now you know why I like summer.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. What is the structure over the steps?

  2. OMG!!!! Is that YOUR pool!?!? Ooooh. I SO want to join your family. (Sorry, Mom and Dad, but their pool ROCKS!) Wow! I am SO TOTALLY JEALOUS!!!! Can I be a party guest, even if I'm only half Golden?!? Pretty please?

  3. Looks like you had a blast, Mogley! So sorry we didn't get to come today. I hope we can next time! Mom can't wait to see what we think of a real swimming pool!

    Tail wags,
    Riley and River (and Lilly the foster dog)

  4. Oh, how I would have l♥ved to have been there amongst all of those golden guys and gals☺

  5. I am so sorry, Mogley. I just read my last post and realized I made a huge error!!!
    I hope you know I meant to say how GLAD I am for you that the pool is open for you to swim this summer.
    I need to review my comments better.
    Love, Sophie
    Looks like Sunday was way fun!!!