Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Uncle Clyde

Bella had to go to the vet today to get her annual booster shots and her exam. The SUV was loaded and the human was just pulling out of the drive way when Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) called on his phone. They asked him to stop on his way and pick up "Clyde" who was the dog we mentioned earlier that was in the local Doggy Jail. He was ready for release from the pound and he needed a trip to the vet also.

He had been dropped in the "Night Depository" without a note, without his collar and tags, nothing. Just an older Golden Retriever, without a home. GRRR wanted him the next day, but the pound had to keep him in case someone claimed him.
When the human arrived at the pound, he was directed to a small chain link run. There was hardly room enough for the tail that was wagging vigorously, and a dog that was quivering all over with excitement to see rescue at hand. He was happy to walk on the leash out the door, and never look back. We delivered him to the vet and then waited till he had passed his physical. The vet guessed him to be 6-7 year old, we guess he is 8-9. We tried several names on him, he responded to anything you said to him. If you called him Prince, he came, same with Rover, Duke, Buddy, etc. He was given a new name, "Clyde". Duke was adopted several days ago, my three cousins (Emma, Molly and Piper) went home today, so there was room at the house for a new Foster friend.

Clyde rode in the car like someone that had ridden often. He braced himself against the seat, and enjoyed the ride. He has been on many outings with a family before he was left alone that fateful night. Once upon a time he took many trips to the mountains and picnics in the park with children that loved him and threw balls for him to chase.

Back home, we introduced him to the back yard and to the house. Clyde is a ball-aholic. He said he was ball deprived in the Doggy Jail, so he had to pick up every ball and toy he passed, carry it for a ways, then drop it to pick up the next one. As he went down the hallway, he came to the dog door, he went out, then came back in. We now know his old home had a dog door and that Clyde was free to come and go as he wished. On the way to the kitchen he met Minni Cat. He did not even slow up, he just marched on down the hallway, right past the cat, not even a hint that he might give chase.
Clyde was intrigued with the swimming pool, he laid down and spent some time watching the water. He was told "No" whenever he got too curious, so he looked like he understood. Clyde had not been here one hour when we looked up at a noise and found that Clyde was in the Koi pond. He had to be rinsed off, then toweled dry. With his heavy coat, it was a three towel dry job. Clyde has been bathed before, he loved every minute of it. Even in the dry 87 degree day, he dried slowly due to his very heavy coat. Like all new foster guests, he has Velcroed himself to the humans leg and won't let go, it will be a few days before he starts playing with Bella and I.
We know that Clyde came from a home where he was very loved part of a family, he was trained to chase balls, trained to walk on the leash, trained to behave politely towards cats and other dogs. He came from a home that cared for him, now we have to find him a new Forever Home that will keep him. From our first impression, his new home will be a home that will soon have a wonderful dog in it.

We will keep you informed on our progress as we search for a home for Uncle Clyde.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I'm sending you good vibes Clyde!!!

  2. Welcome, Clyde!! Things will only get better. Just make sure your new home understands your need for tennis balls.

    love & wags,

  3. Poor Clyde. There are so many like him. It is sad. But now he's safe.

  4. Love the pics Mogley!! Too cute!

    Woofs and wags,
    Benson & Gibson

  5. Our momma has lots of wets in her eyes right now. She always wonders how wonderful, older dogs end up in a shelter. Of course, if they didn't she wouldn't have Scout and that is a good part of her happiness.

    Momma is so, so, so happy that Clyde is with you and safe. She always wonders what goes on in the dog's mind when everything he ever knew is gone and he doesn't know why...

  6. That breaks my heart. It's always sad when they lose their homes, but for some reason this one made me extra sad because you get the feeling the people probably didn't want to give him up :(

  7. Hey Mogley & Bella (we mentioned her name if you won't)
    That pictue of Clyde on the carpet with the tennis ball tells a wonderful story. Clyde deserves to live his Golden years with a caring family and in a loving home. He looks like he'd be very easy to become attached to.
    - TBH&K