Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Letter from Maggie

I just received a letter from Maggie, one of our foster friends who has moved on to a wonderful forever home.

Hi Mogely!!
Gotta tell ya about my great, great new life. After several trips to the vet, my anal glands were infected, a stomach infection and of course the golden retriever ear problem, I'm really starting to believe this is my forever home. The doc says I have "swim feet" and when I run or walk I look like I'm swimming. I drag my feet and my cuticles bleed. But guess what? My pack leaders bought me some Ruffwear boots the kind with rubber soles (and socks) and I walk 5 miles a day in them. They have made all the difference. We want to go hiking and I have my own backpack and am in training for our summer hikes. I am also going to a basic obedience school in July as I don't really have the sit stay or wait commands down yet. But I love learning new things and am so excited to start. And I finally figured out what the big basket of stuffed babies was all about! Why, when you take them all out and strew them around the house, you can have a baby to shake anytime you want!

I have a kennel, but I only go in it when my pack has to leave me for a while. I never have to stay in it longer than 5 hours and only two times a week. But it's ok. It's very snuggly, has a kong ball with treats and a fan that keeps me cool. Because I'm an indoor dog now, I have lost a lost of my fluffy coat and even go to a doggie spa for my baths. I have managed to lose 3 lbs from our twice daily walks although it's really hard to lose weight! My dad built me some non-slip steps so I can climb up to the bed to sleep at night. At first, I wasn't sure about sleeping with my new pack. But now I know it's where I belong and I have stopped my "panic panting." It's been quite a transition from my old life to this one. So many things had to be perfect for me to find my pack. Had I not been with your pack my pack wouldn't have found me. I'll send pictures soon. I'd love for you to see me in my boots and backpack. I look so great and feel great too.

Maggie AKA MagsZ (my hip-hop name)


  1. Hi Maggie! Sounds like you've found a cool home with a hiking mom and dad trying to help you get all healthy! Love that kind of life myself! I know it's a huge transition but sounds like you've settled down a lot and gotten so much looove!
    Hugs from xo

  2. It's always great to hear from a puppy who has found his forever home!!!

  3. Such a happy post for Maggie.

    And we're glad Jenny is doing better. We hope she has a home of her own before long.

  4. Hey Mogley,
    Maggie's letter made us all feel warm and happy inside. It's a kind of magic that her letter can make us all feel so good. Youse guys have done a good thing. We love y'all.
    - TBH&K