Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sadie and Jr.

Below, Bella and I welcome Junior(center) and Sadie (front right) to our home.

Bella II went back to rescue and has been turned over to another foster home so that we would have room for two homeless Golden's. Bella II had two meetings with possible new homes scheduled for this afternoon.

Say hello to Sadie and Junior. Sadie and Junior arrived this after noon following a long trip from the Black Hills of South Dakota. They are the victims of unemployment and the collapse of the housing market. The family with three children, aged 6-teen, were forced to surrender their two life long friends. The information says they shared the home with cats, we don't know what happened to the cats. The local shelters were full so arrangements were made to transport them to Denver and to Golden Retriever of the Rockies.

According to the kennel card, Junior was born on 10/12/2002. His companion, Sadie, was born on 10/12/2003, according to her kennel card. We suspect that the date represents their intake date and a guess at their age. But 6 & 7 years old is probably correct. Sadie is shy, she relies on her older "brother" to scout the way for her. Sadie is a little shy until she gets to know you, then she becomes a lover. We think the reason these two came from a large family is that it would take at least 10 hands to give them all the attention they need.

They are a beautiful pair, they also are well mannered and very calm. When they met Bella and I, they were polite and they introduced themselves to us as politely as they could. They are well socialised, quickly becoming members of our family. Both of them have a tennis ball in their mouths most of the time. He is a tennis ball-aholic. He says he does not want to enter the 12 step program to treat his tennis ball addiction, he would rather be addicted. She likes tennis balls, but they are just a hobby, not an addiction.

We need every one's help with this placement. Placing two Goldens that are bonded together is difficult. Most families want a companion for an existing dog, or just one for their home. Isn't there a advertisement that says "Double your pleasure, double your fun, adopt two golden retrievers instead of just one. This would be the ideal way for you to get your Golden Retriever fix, twice.

Today may be a first for GRRR, we had a walk in. A golden was found wandering and was brought over by one of the volunteers. No collar, no micro chip, no identification. Just a beautiful, well groomed and well cared for large red Golden Male, lose on the streets. We will shelter him while we check the neighborhood for an owner.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Welcome Sadie and Junior. You're moving in with a very wonderful family!

  2. I drove Sadie and Junior part of the way from the Black Hills to GRRR. Sadie and Junior were just super in the car. Absolutely no problems with them. Both are very and calm gentle souls.

  3. Hey Mogley,
    Boy, you guys have a challenge here. it's tough to place a pair for the reasons that you stated, but not impossible. it might take a little more time, but it sounds like these two are kind of bonded and reliant on each other. It would be hard to seperate them. We're working on placement problems here in the east and sure wish you westerners an easier time than we're having. Please give our best wishes to Sadie and Junior.
    - TBH&K

  4. Hey Mogley,
    We forgot something. please keep us updated on bella II's situation. We all have our paws crossed for her and it's difficult getting around.
    - TBH&K